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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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Now, we have a segment on how the people in the house managed to stay in the house so long. Danielle is smug in the DR again about how great she is for "playing" Amy, and fooling her into thinking she didn't have an alliance. Please, please, please tell me Danielle isn't going to win. I just can't freaking take it. We revisit the Jason/Danielle alliance, and how brilliant they were for keeping it a secret. God, I GET IT already. All four houseguests chat in the hot tub about when they think power in the house shifted, and all agree that it was the eviction of Eric, which is interesting in that Lisa was allied with Eric, so it doesn't seem like it would matter. But of course, the key is that after Eric left, Lisa went over to Danielle/Jason/Marcellas's side against Roddy/Josh/Chiara. So it wasn't just the eviction of Eric, it was the turning of Lisa. Similarly, Lisa DRs about how Amy's return was also huge, in the sense that it meant the end of Kiki, which in turn weakened can see how it falls. Whereas, as Lisa correctly surmised, if Eric had returned and won HoH, the next two nominees would have been completely different. Lisa's decision to raise that red paddle may turn out to be quite the masterstroke, depending on what happens next.

"To make it in this game, you need patience," Lisa says simply in the DR. And that, as a matter of fact, is as eloquent and simple a summation of the killer quality that makes a good BB contestant as you're ever going to hear. What killed Josh? He made himself the asshole on the very first night. What killed Roddy? Too much maneuvering too early, to make himself into the leader. How did Danielle and Jason do so well? By doing very little for several weeks. Lisa has this exactly right -- patience is probably the major divider between good players and bad. Amy thinks you need a good sense of humor, which is certainly true if you're going to survive the kind of crappy treatment Amy has put up with. Danielle gives a little salute to "trust" and "friendship" and "loyalty," which is just about as hollow as a cheap chocolate Easter bunny, because Danielle doesn't know crap about any of those three words as applied to anyone in the house except Jason. Shut up, Danielle, seriously.

Danielle's HoH interview. What's most bizarre about this interview is that Danielle takes on a completely different affect. She sounds nothing like she does the rest of the time. She's talking in this sweetcakes voice, all soft and giggly and high-pitched. I haven't got a clue why she thinks this is going to help. Danielle does sometimes function as if she forgets that she's on TV other than on the live show. This cooing in the HoH room isn't going to do a whole lot to wipe anybody's memory clean of the way she's been trashing everyone in the DR and in conversations behind their backs. Julie asks Danielle if she's ever had doubts about her alliance with Jason. She says no, blah dee blah, total loyalty, whatever. Julie then asks whether Jason did the "dirty work." Danielle agrees that this is so, but insists that she was "innocent as a dove, but sly as a snake." You know, I'm about to be able to tell you honestly that I detest Danielle almost as much as any reality-show contestant, ever. ["Holy shit. Coming from someone who recapped thirteen episodes of Wil, that is saying a lot." -- Wing Chun] She is just as self-absorbed and full of crap as Roddy ever was, and she's not even mildly amusing to make up for it. Shut. Up. Danielle. You do not have supernatural powers, so stop acting like your intelligence is of mythical proportions.

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