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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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Before we go to the eviction, Julie says that we're going to check in with some of the evictees about how things have been going since they left. First, we check on Lori. She says that she missed her family and her boyfriend while she was in the house, so she doesn't appear to be too horribly upset about her ouster. She says she was surprised that Roddy voted against her, but it wasn't any great offense to her. She also recalls how annoyed she was by everyone's ganging up on Gerry over his hand-washing (or lack thereof). Of course, she looked kind of crazy for that at the time, but now it's clear that she saw the direction it was going quite accurately. She also expresses some sympathy for Amy and her poor choices about drinking. She and her kids watch the show where Amy is swigging in the white dress, and Lori's daughter says, "That's sad." Which is just how I reacted.

In Vegas, Tonya and her boobs talk about how happy they are to be back with the kids. We see a brief clip of her in the hot tub, grabbing her boobs and talking about how much she loves them (her boobs, not her kids), and then we see Danielle in the Big Bed Room telling Marcellas how embarrassed she thinks Tonya's kids must be. Tonya talks about how conniving and deceitful Danielle turned out to be, and how unfair it is for anyone to suggest that just because Tonya's a mom, she shouldn't be sexy. Oh, good grief. I don't really have the energy for the full rant on the difference between being sexy and looking like you walked out of an X-rated cartoon. Suffice it to say that there is nothing wrong with being a mom and being sexy, but there is something wrong with being a mom -- or being anyone else, in fact -- and behaving like an embarrassing buffoon in public. I do believe that all of these people who have kids should think about how they're going to look, because your kids don't need to see you take a whipped-cream shower with other people on television any more than they need to see you take a whipped-cream shower with other people in your house. If you can't accept that your kids are part of the audience, don't go at all. See? Really just a mini-rant. Tonya reaffirms what a good decision it was to rip into Amy and Marcellas over something Amy didn't even do, because "they both deserved it." You know, as unhappy as I originally was when they booted this person instead of Josh, I think it was easier to take Josh in the house for a few more weeks than it would have been to put up with this nimrod. Thank goodness she was gone quickly. Interestingly, there is not one glimpse of Tonya's boyfriend. One wonders whether he's around.

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