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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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The Tango of Lust takes us to Eric, back in Connecticut at the fire station. Well, as it turns out, he was actually suspended for two weeks for going on television and being gone longer than he was supposed to (oops), but he's taking it well. Hanging out with the family, eating peanut butter, and missing Lisa. He does admit that having his mother see him tell Lisa that he wanted her to go "wild" was just a tiny bit embarrassing, but he assures us that mom is totally cool. He also says that he "won because [he] met Lisa." Aw. That's kinda cute. ["It is, and very different than when Chiara says it, in the next episode, about Roddy." -- Wing Chun]

Ugh, Roddy. He's in Vegas, and he hits on some girls in the pool. EW. He also says that he's tired of people giving him tips like "look out for Danielle" when he's not in the house anymore. He goes on and on and ON about how unfair it was that Danielle called him the devil, when really he's just this wonderful, marvelous, fabulous, caring guy. He actually calls himself "charming." And there's pretty much nothing less charming than that. Also, Roddy looks weird. His hair (what there is of it) looks weird. He just...he looks weird. "I don't know if I'll ever forget that that woman did that to me," he blusters. Thanks so much for the PSA on your own fabulousness. It really is the greatest cause to which a man can be truly devoted. He also revels in the Amy/Chiara fighting over him, calling it "the last ten minutes of Scarface." You can tell that he was absolutely freaking delighted when he got home and saw how much of a stud he apparently believes that made him appear to be. He talks some more about how meaningless Chiara was to him, as he's been doing since he was evicted, and they show a clip of her saying she was excited to have her parents meet him and him saying "That's nice," which of course makes it look like he never led her on. It would have been nice if they had shown him taking her all through how much he was looking forward to having his parents meet her. I'm hardly a defender of most of what Chiara did, and certainly she jumped the gun by choosing children's names, but she wasn't entirely without reason to be a little misled on the issue of whether they were dating. He wraps up by insisting that his strategy was "to not lie." To some degree, I actually think this is true. But he doesn't really include the other parts of his strategy, where he took advantage of people like Amy and Chiara and made them feel horrible. Which isn't unfair, of course, in terms of game play, but which goes a bit beyond just trying to be the world's most swellest guy.

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