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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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Good Night, Sweet Princess

Back in the house, it's almost time for the vote. Julie asks Amy about her constant nominations -- she asks Amy if Amy's feeling a little bit like she's in Groundhog Day. Heh. Amy says that it gets easier every time to be nominated. Julie asks Lisa whether this is easier or harder than the time she was nominated against Eric. Lisa says, of course, that it was harder to be nominated against Eric, because she knew that -- boo hoo -- one of them would have to leave, and that would be so very, very sad, and angels would weep, and children would go hungry, and dolphins would die in nets, and ancient meadows would die and go to seed. Amy and Lisa both get a chance to make a statement to Jason to try to convince him to keep them, but neither really takes advantage of it. Amy's speech is very sweet, about how much she loves everyone. Of course, Amy has certainly had plenty of chances to say that before, considering that she's nominated pretty much always. Lisa says many of the same things -- she loves everyone, she's been thrilled to share the last week with them, and so on. Julie promises that it's almost time for the vote. I certainly hope so, because this week has been slower than slow.

After the commercial, Julie re-rehashes the circumstances under which the two nominees got where they are, and then she goes back to the living room for the live eviction. Jason talks about how much he really is crazy about both Amy and Lisa, and what a great, fun week they've all had together. He doesn't drag it out too much, and votes to evict Amy. She's very warm and funny about her eviction, and as they walk her to the door, there are lots of hugs and kisses. This is so different from her last eviction -- she was so obviously so unhappy that time, and her demeanor was so pinched and phony, and now she seems so genuinely happy that it's much less painful. She comes over to talk to Julie, and we go back to the house, where they're all feeling good about having made it to the final three, but where they're also talking pretty genuinely about the fact that they're going to miss Amy.

Amy's Chenterview is quite upbeat and happy. She talks about how surprised she is that she even got as far as she did, and she knew from the beginning of her return to the house that she wouldn't actually win the money. That's probably why she was so much more appealing than some of the other people were -- I do sort of think Amy was past playing to win once she came back to the house. After she got Kiki out, she was really pretty happy to enjoy the game. She tried to stay in, but she also tried to have fun, and I admire her for that. Julie asks her whether she still believes that the house didn't have alliances at the end, and she uneasily says yes, knowing that Julie is clearly going somewhere with this. Julie asks her whether she'd be surprised to know that Danielle and Jason had an alliance from the first week, and Amy says yes, she's surprised. But she insists that she doesn't mind. Julie asks her about turning into a crybaby, and about whether she's become a better person, and Amy says yes. She's learned a lot. She watches her goodbye videos. I think Lisa and Jason are quite sincere. Danielle has to take the opportunity to be insulting some more, implying (as people so often do with Amy) that she's learned to tolerate Amy, even though Amy's so annoying. Shut up, Danielle. Jason promises her that he won't stand her up for their date to the fair. Aw. Maybe they can hold hands and kiss with their mouths closed. After the videos, Julie asks her who she's rooting for. "Danielle," she says simply. Ugh. Sucker.

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