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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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Then Julie tells Amy that her mom and Bucky have come to pick her up. "Oh, Bucky!" Amy yells. Bucky and Mom come in the door of the studio, and Bucky skitters across the floor. He's so excited to see Amy that he, of course, pees on the floor. Amy loves him anyway. Because Amy is all about the unconditional love, even if you pee on her, which is pretty much the lesson of Amy's entire stay in the house. She fusses over Bucky so much, in fact, that she does not even greet her mother in the time before they cut back to Julie. Not even "Hi, Mom." That must really be some dog.

Time for HoH. The houseguests are sent out into the back yard to start what Julie says is a three-part competition. This part starts when they all climb into an above-ground pool and get into little life rafts. Then they paddle out into the middle of the pool and all put their hands on their keys, which are in a mockup nomination box. In a game reminiscent of last year's bed competition a week earlier in the proceedings, they all now have to stay in their boats with their hands on their keys, and the last person holding on is the winner. They ask some questions, and eventually Julie tells them to shut up so we can go to commercial.

When we return from the last commercial, the folks in the pool are subjected to a faked-up rainstorm in order to heighten the suspense and the level of difficulty. One thing this does is put water into everyone's boat, so they have to bail and bail with the little cups they've been given. Fake lightning, fake thunder, lots of water pouring down. It's really dramatic, and is in fact a very realistic depiction of the Rainforest Café at the Mall of America. We fade out on Lisa, Jason, and Danielle, clinging to their keys.

Next week: It is off!

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