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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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Good Night, Sweet Princess

We slide to color as the houseguests mourn Marcellas's departure. I'd point out that Amy grieves over him a hell of a lot more than he ever grieved over her. She says in the DR that it hurt her that she stayed and he went. Well, it would, I suppose. She even says she knows that Marcellas went through the same thing when she left before...which he totally didn't. I even mentioned at the time that it didn't take him very long to get over it. Danielle takes on a preposterously serious tone in the DR, like she is talking about a quest to oust a totalitarian dictator, as she explains the tremendously serious nature of what she was forced to do in order to eliminate Marcellas as a threat. Back at the end of the eviction, she boohoos all over Lisa, who strokes her hair sympathetically. Good grief. What is this, the Parade of Self-Pity-Partygoers? As we've said a number of times, Danielle, don't orchestrate these things and then expect me to feel sorry for you. If you want to be the Big Kahuna, you have to wax your own surfboard, sweetheart.

Lisa, meanwhile, would like to sit in the DR and have a little chat with the viewers at home about the strange fact that she thought Danielle was going to vote to boot Amy, so the tie came as a surprise to Lisa. Danielle, meanwhile, tells us that she and Lisa never talked about what they were going to do, because they were so sure Marcellas would use the veto, but that doesn't seem to be Lisa's impression, and I don't really believe that Danielle wouldn't at least come up with a contingency for what they'd do if he didn't. Rightly, Lisa gathers that something is up.

"Eight down, two more to go." Shut up, Danielle.

And now, the Great Tale Of The Day Danielle Won HoH. Oh, has she mentioned that she won HoH? She did. And she danced, and pumped her arms, and generally strutted in a way that most of the HoHs have managed to avoid, considering that while it's a good moment for you, it's a tough moment for everyone else, so there's an argument in favor of not being completely graceless about rubbing their noses in it. Not that I would expect Danielle to be aware of any such argument. Amy DRs that if Danielle were smart, she'd nominate Jason, who's the biggest threat. Of course, Amy doesn't have the first clue about the Alliance of Extra-Secret Secrecy. Lisa says that she's not feeling too safe, though she can't put her finger on exactly why. The deceit and trickery!, I yell at my TV. You're sensing the deceit and trickery! Tragically, Lisa does not hear me. Or if she does, she is playing it cool.

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