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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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Jason, Amy, and Lisa accompany Danielle into the HoH room to check out the haul for the week. Danielle gets her ugly pink fuzzy robe from home. Aw. That's just the kind of thing I would want. Nothing can be wrong when you're in the right bathrobe, after all. She also receives a drawing that I guess her kids did. If her architect did it, she should consider hiring a new one who doesn't use crayons. It's a picture of her dream house, and it's all very moving. Something about her kids and her dreams and something something. I wonder if, after her one kid grows up and leaves home, she'll sit in the kitchen and stare into the glass door of the oven and go, "One down, one more to go." That would be sort of mean.

Once the basket-booty-collecting is complete, Danielle and Amy go outside and have a chat about the eviction of Marcellas. Danielle tells Amy that she's the one who voted to evict him, because he ferried information about her to Roddy, and so he had to go. Sympathy for the devil and all that. She says in the diary room -- but does not say to Amy -- that she also thinks Amy took information to Roddy. I absolutely cannot abide the tone of exaggerated gravity Danielle has adopted for this diary-room session. She's talking like this entire show is occurring on a cancer ward where everyone has three days to live. It's a damn game, Danielle. She talks some more about how she's working Amy, blah dee blah. I yell at her to go away, but she doesn't listen.

Lisa and Jason talk in the kitchen about his decision to evict Marcellas with the tiebreaker. Jason asks her whether she thinks he did the wrong thing, and she basically shrugs that he must have done what his heart told him to do, so that's fine. She also tells him she's sorry if she missed a meeting that she was supposed to vote for Marcellas, because they could have avoided putting Jason on the spot for the tiebreaker. Jason does his stutter-and-lie routine, making it even more perfectly obvious that there is something going on with him and Danielle that Lisa doesn't know about. Jason, Jason, Jason. You are not international-spy material, I am afraid. Jason tells Lisa that there was nothing to it -- Danielle just hadn't had a chance to tell Lisa what the plan was. A suspicious Lisa says slowly in the DR that she and Danielle had been around together quite a bit the day of the live show, and certainly there was time to tell her about the plan if Danielle had wanted to. I bet Jason was one of those kids who, if you asked him to cover for you and tell Mom and Dad you were at the library, would tell them something like, "She's at the library. You know, the plain old library! Nothing to worry about! It's not like she's at a keg party at Joey's house that his parents don't know about because they're in San Diego! Ho-ho, nope! The library, indeed!" As decoration, I enjoy Jason quite a lot. As an operator? I don't know.

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