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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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Amy's turn. Hearing about the $5000 offer, she says she thinks it would be selfish, so she's not taking it. Aw. Please keep in mind that she doesn't know they're going to make her a better offer, so as far as she knows, she's just fully turned it down. Keep in mind also that Danielle only knew about the $5000, so her claim was clearly that Amy would sell them out for that amount. Take that, Danielle. But of course, Julie is not done with Amy. She ups the offer to $10,000. Worried that the other houseguests will take it, Amy suffers and struggles but eventually takes it. When Lisa comes in for her turn, she says no. No to the $5000. No when Julie turns it into $10,000. No when Julie turns it into $15,000. I think this is pretty genuine from Lisa -- I think she really believes (or at least hopes) that everyone will do the same thing, because at this point, the chance to hear from home is practically sacrosanct. When Jason comes in, he initially turns down the $5000. And he turns down the $10,000. But at $15,000, he jumps. Take that, Danielle. Most annoyingly, Jason says, "It's a game, I hope that they'll forgive me." Now it's true that this is a game. But this isn't the game they came here to play; it's a separate game. This isn't like nominating and voting, where somebody has to win and you came into the house for it to be you, and it's either you or them. They could have all chosen not to take the money, all had their phone calls, and all gotten to win a gift to send home. This is purely "more for me, rather than something for everyone," so it's not "the game" in the same way that they usually use that expression in the house.

Amy says that when Jason was in the DR for so long, she knew he was going to take it, which was a relief to her, because she didn't want to be the Lone Scumbag. They all go back to their phones to reveal the numbers. Lowest number, of those who took the offer? Amy. Lisa, in the DR, talks sheepishly about how stupid she now feels for having thought that no one would take the offer. Yeah, well, Lisa, you have no way of knowing until you get out that the key phrase in the house this week is not exactly "consistency between words and deeds." When they all gather back in the living room, Julie tells them that indeed, someone is getting paid $10,000. Lisa looks dismayed. Jason and Danielle smirk at each other, as they so often do. They suss out that Danielle took the offer and Jason took the offer, but when Jason jumps to the conclusion that they all took it and tries to high-five Lisa (big dope), she points out that she did not take any of the offers. Oops. This also rats out Amy, because Julie gave the amount, and Jason and Danielle know that that's not where either of them cracked.

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