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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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Good Night, Sweet Princess

"I didn't want $15,000," Lisa says in the DR, "I wanted to talk to my dad and give my mom a gift." Aw.

Amy reveals that Julie talked her into taking it by telling her that it was, after all, only two weeks until everybody would get to see their families. Jason, in the DR, says, "I shoulda known, I mean, Amy was going to win it." I'm not sure what that means. It had better be a tribute to Amy's luck and not a comment on Amy's character like the one Danielle made, because you took the money too, choir boy. ["I think he just means that Amy is often lucky in competitions; he's said that about her before." -- Wing Chun]

Later, Amy gets her phone call and talks to her family. Wow. Now those are some serious drawls. Where are the yellow subtitles when you really need them? "Ah'm doin' fahne, ah luv yoo, ah miss yoo," says Amy's dad. Hee. She asks after her dog, Bucky, and Dad assures her that Bucky's fine. Amy gets on the phone with her thirteen-year-old brother, and he tells her about his successful football season and his success in hunting doves. The dove-hunting seems to have surprised a lot of people, but it didn't surprise me at all. They're pigeons, basically, and in places where there's hunting, they're hunted. They're not endangered or anything, and shooting a dove doesn't actually do anything to damage peace that isn't done by eating a cow, know, it's hunting. Amy talks to her mom, and says Mom is the one who's going to get the $1000 prize. Amy has to hang up pretty quickly, and doesn't seem to know what to say at the end except "Go, Rebels" (doesn't that seem like something the Amy character in a parody of this show would say at the end of a tearful phone call with her parents?), but she seems very heartened that she got to talk to them.

The girls all point out to Jason that he's the "last man standing." Everyone discusses the fact that, at first, it seemed like women were being eliminated at quite a rapid clip (Lori, Tonya, and Amy were the first three out), but then they made this big comeback -- of the next six evictees, five were men. Of course, there aren't really enough people involved for that math to be interesting, and they're only one spot shifted from the two-to-two split that would represent complete parity, so I'm not sure I'm buying any "Girl Rally '02" t-shirts. Danielle finds the notion of Jason being the only man left much, much funnier than it is, though, because to her, the notion of a born-again Christian virgin in a house with three women is fundamentally hilarious. No, I'm not sure exactly why, either. Danielle just finds certain things funny, and she's one of those people who you wouldn't want to ask to explain the things they find funny, so you just do that eyebrow-raise and half-nod thing, and you go, "Yeah, right. Heh." And then you make the signal to whoever you're with that means you want to go home right now.

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