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The End

Next: Amber. Why should Amber vote for Daniele, given all the cheating she did with Nick? Daniele pissily says that her personal life has nothing to do with the game, and if Amber's going to vote based on Daniele's personal life, Daniele doesn't want her vote. She may come to rue that flippancy later. Or maybe not; I assume Dick and Daniele have an illegal deal to split the total prize money anyway, because why cheat the whole way through and then quit right at the end?

Next: Jessica. What other person would Dick like to sit next to right now, other than Daniele? Dick says he's never considered any other possible opponent at the end, adding (unnecessarily) that he hasn't lied to Jessica. She tartly reminds him that he and Daniele did lie to her the entire week before her eviction, promising her that Jameka would be the one going, so this will be a hard call for Jessica, choosing between...the two people who lied to her. See? They're both at fault. Which is grosser? The answer is always Dick.

Next: Eric. He asks Eric to give a reason that each juror would deserve to be in the final two. Dick gives this question no thought at all. He rejects the notion that Dustin, Jen, Amber, or Jessica should have gotten to the end. Dick does allow that Eric was the best player in the game; Jameka should be grateful that Dick and Daniele kept her in the game as long as they did; and Zach came on strong at the end. Dick shrugs, because he doesn't need to kiss any ass.

Next: Zach. What have Dick and Daniele each learned from each juror? Daniele completely misunderstands the question, and answers it like she's giving each juror a Senior Superlative. Eric had best sense of humour; Jessica brought the most happiness to the house; Amber was "the mom." Dick takes over: he learned from Dustin not to be overconfident; from Jen, that no matter what a person's like on the outside, there's a real person deep down in there. Jameka is a good-hearted person: "I respect your lie." Classy! Finally, from Zach, Dick learned never to underestimate anyone.

Next: Jameka. What were Daniele's biggest moves in the game? She blahs something about nominating Eric and backdooring Jen, and that both of those were moves she made completely without Dick's input.

Next: Jen. "I'm actually here," she says, kind of awesomely; I'm surprised CBS included that, but then I guess they also included the footage of her, when she was still in the house, talking about how she didn't intend to go the jury house. Anyway, Jen starts off her question by saying, "I obviously don't respect either of you as people in the real world, but at this point I have no choice but to vote for one of you." Yep, that's about the size of it. Jen then throws her question away by asking Dick what it's meant to her to spend this time with Daniele. Gee, I guess it's made a big difference to their relationship -- nearly as much as would have been the case had they made it onto The Amazing Race when they applied for that because they are totally not estranged even a little. But whatever.

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