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The Hero And The Gloat

We are reminded of the HoH competition, in which Daniele became HoH by knowing that it was false that somebody-or-other had seven cards in his hat, because he only had six. Amber reveals that she remembered only six cards in the hat and not seven, but seven was her lucky number, so she said it was true that there were seven. Like, for real. She knew there were six, but she said seven because it's her "lucky number." I can't help thinking that in many of your major religions, God frowns on the use of "lucky numbers" and other false idols. Anyway, Daniele rejoices, along with her nitwit father, because they're both a couple of users, riding their relationship with each other to try to win money. Amber tells us that she knows there will be a target on herself and Jameka. Eric congratulates himself and Jessica for aligning with Dick and Daniele.

Daniele tells us that this week, everyone will be nervous. I have grown to despise her utterly, almost as much as I do her father. She "jokingly" tells Eric and Jessica that they're "suckers" and they're going home. But she kids! She and Dick talk in the bedroom, gloating and rejoicing, and I bet he's so happy, he could just go beat the shit out of a guy he found too "princessy." Or kill a woman and rape her corpse, as he recently "joked" about doing to the departed Carol on the live feeds. Dick has, as you may or may not know, made graphic references to raping both Jen and Dustin, none of which CBS is really in a position to show, which is the irony of his behavior -- the more outrageous it is, the more they can't even really convey it on a network show even if they want to. Even with bleeping, even if they were desperate to bust him, they can't include enough information in an 8:00 prime-time show to make it clear that a guy is getting his kicks fantasizing out loud about raping a woman until she bleeds to death. Everyone who has noted that this problematic paradox of "the worse you are, the less they can show it" has kept him looking more like a silly rebel and less like a psycho is absolutely right. I don't think this stuff is omitted from the broadcast because anyone likes him; I think this stuff is left out because anal rape is not the stuff of prime-time diverting summer TV. CBS doesn't want to fill its 8:00 hour with violent rants. And if you leave out everything he says and does that's way off of the FCC's permissible grid, there's not much left other than his whining about wanting things to be better with Daniele.

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