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When Gerry Met Salad...

Marcellas and Gerry sit outside, and Gerry talks about how good he feels. He tells Marcellas that this is because Gerry has a brother-in-law and two nephews who are black. Excuse me? Gerry voices over that he "fell victim" to the first night's strategizing, which he alleges was based on a misunderstanding of "who Marcellas was." Once again, Gerry kind of creeps me out with his whole "Marcellas was just being a typical black gay man" thing, because I'm not really so sure that line of thinking is quite as advanced as Gerry thinks it is. He says, "I forgot how much I enjoy the company of my gay friends who are like that." And it's one of those things where I know exactly what he means, and I'm not saying no,'s still not quite entirely comfortable to me when you start in with the "gay friends who are Like That" routine. Also, Gerry is really annoying. And even if he were capable of single-handedly stopping racism and homophobia in our time, I would still be unable to stop thinking about his hands in the salad. His hands! The salad!

Gerry shares his thoughts with Danielle in the storage room. "He got picked on because he's gay and because he's black." Danielle shares her thoughts with us in the diary room. "I don't think that has nothin' to do with the tea in China, frankly." She goes to see Lisa and Chiara, and warns them that Gerry is going to veto Marcellas on this social justice theory of his. Danielle gets an assurance from Lisa that Lisa isn't planning on putting Danielle up if that happens. In the diary room, Danielle explains that everyone thinks she's on their side, and that's perfectly okay with her. Smart lady.

More chattering all around the house about whether Gerry will or won't change the nominations. Lisa hopes he won't. Josh thinks he won't. One of Tonya's implants thinks he will, and the other thinks he won't. Gerry voices over that he's hoping Josh will be nominated in Marcellas's place if he uses the veto. All the Goobers talk about the fact that it will be bad for Gerry if he defies their will. Because the Goobers use the Force. Or something.

At the veto meeting, there's a lot of introductory gobbledygook. Gerry tells Lori and Marcellas that he'll give them a chance to beg him to veto their nominations. Lori says that hers should be vetoed because she tried to defend Marcellas against unfair snap (and I do mean snap!) judgments. Marcellas says that he's now ready to play the game. "I'm down," he says. "It just took me a while to get down." Wow, I think that was the theme of my birthday party last year. Gerry finally announces that indeed, he is vetoing Marcellas's nomination. Because everyone judged Marcellas for being black and gay. And a little bit bitchy, but he doesn't say that part. And...there's racism in society, and we have to face it...or something. And he has some black family members and some gay friends. Man, Gerry sounds like a drunken preacher conducting the worst revival meeting of all time. "My soul is not for sale," he blathers.

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