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When Gerry Met Salad...

Lori continues wigging. Everyone continues eyeing her, noticing that she's turning into the neighborhood crazy lady. She, on the other hand, complains that Amy has gone from being her own person to trying not to get thrown out of the house. Lori punctuates this with another of her terribly earnest eyebrow-pops. This one actually goes far enough to constitute an eyeball-pop.

Roddy and Josh discuss their belief that Amy is a more dangerous person to have in the house than Lori, because Lori isn't going to win competitions and create problems with nominations or the veto. They chat with Tonya and her extremely distracting chest about whether Lori can be "controlled." Elsewhere, Lori tells Marcellas that the Big Brother house is "hell with studio lighting." Heh. She vows again to get through it, and says it's just a game. If you still have your old MBTV Drinking Game stein, you know that requires you to drink.

Julie's neck cartilage goes live to the living room to chat with the houseguests. After resolving an audio problem, she asks them about the veto and the effect it had. Danielle basically says it created great drama. Marcellas loved it. (Duh.) Julie asks him how he felt about being un-nominated, and he reaches over and kisses Gerry, then starts faux-weeping about how happy he is to be in the house. More houseguests yammering.

Time for the obligatory nominee speeches. Amy says she's enjoyed "reigning as nominee" (hee), and just generally acts happy and...well, yes, a little annoying, but I have grudging respect for her...oh, I don't know. Moxie, I suppose. Lori gives an incoherent speech about her "great adventure" and whether she really "got to know" the other people and other meandering things of that sort. Her eyes don't quite roll around in her head, but she needs to get out of the house.

And now, voting. Gerry laments his "dilemma," but he votes to boot Amy, based on his belief that Lori will be more useful to him. Danielle thinks Lori has gone a bit "cuckoo," but votes to boot Amy, because she gave Lori her word long ago. She says Lori is "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs." Tonya and her purple do-rag have absolutely nothing interesting to say, and they vote to evict Lori.

Wouldn't you like to meet some of the houseguests' families? You wouldn't? Well, frankly, the show is on two nights in a row now, and we need some filler, dammit. Marcellas's roommate loves him. ["Wasn't that his sister?" -- Wing Chun] Thinks he's playing it just right. Thinks he's got it knocked. Lori's mother loves her. Thinks she's doing the best she can. Lori's son actually shoots at a drawing of Josh. That's really bad parenting to allow that, because weasels aren't even in season. Amy's mother loves her. And can twirl a baton. Does that really surprise you? She gets by far the best line of the family segment, which is when she says it was hard the first night, when Amy was boozing it up, to know that people across the country were getting the chance "to see Amy carrying on...well, so much like Amy normally does." Ha! What a great mom line, if ever there was one.

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