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The King Is Dead. Long Live the King!

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The King Is Dead. Long Live the King!

HoH interview. At least It'sOnica speaks candidly, unlike Hardly, who just says the same thing over and over again. She tells Julie that she doesn't regret nominating Hardly and Nicole. She had to break up "the power," she repeats. Keeping Will, she says, was a strategy. Hardly and Nicole used him, and she used him. And she's planning to be standing with him at the end because, she says, she can beat him.

God, voting time, at last. Will ambles into the Diary Room and starts talking about his decision, but Julie interrupts him and gives him the option of casting his vote in the living room, right in front of Hardly and Nicole. In my own living room, I gasp out loud. Will tells Julie that he has nothing to hide, and that he'd like nothing better than to do just that.

So, Will goes out into the living room and starts his spiel all over again. Julie has to stop him, in order to explain what's happening to the houseguests. Somehow, I think they could have figured it out on their own. Then she gives Will the go-ahead. And I was so hoping for some Sue Hawk-like rats/ snakes/ vultures/ regrets action, but Will is very diplomatic, telling Hardly and Nicole that his choice was not easy to make, and that he had many factors to consider. Hardly is an amazing competitor, Will says, and Will respects that. He does, however, hold Hardly responsible for Shannon's eviction. As for Nicole, Will realizes that she's been having a very difficult time of late, and that it might be better for her, mentally, to go home to Jeff. "Taking all these things into consideration," he begins, and turns to Nicole, "I have decided to evict...[Hardly]." Heh. Nice fakeout, there. Hardly takes his eviction quite well, with handshakes and smiles and hugs and good wishes. Nicole, naturally, sobs. Hardly tells the final three to enjoy themselves for the rest of their time in the house, and tells them that they'll be in his thoughts. Then he hugs Nicole and she sobs and they talk about how much they love each other and blah and finally, finally Hardly leaves. Nicole screams after him to call Jeff.

Interview time! Hardly takes his expulsion with very good sportsmanship and class, but, as usual, says nothing of interest in his interview. It's all spin, spin, spin, big word slightly misused, cliché cliché. He does admit that not evicting Will was a critical error in judgment, but doesn't seem to realize that Bunky would have evicted him, too, so there you go. Cliché cliché cliché blah blah blah. Julie cues up farewell videos from his housemates, and Hardly tears up, naturally. In the video, Will repeats that Hardly is "an excellent competitor," and that he respects him as a person. It'sOnica tells Hardly that any woman who gets him will get a real "chimp." Well, I think she said "champ," but it sounded like "chimp." Either one works, really. Well. One more than the other. Nicole sobs. Hardly sobs. I yawn. Finally, Hardly says that he learned "so much" in the house, especially from Bunky, from whom he learned, he says, how to be a more tolerant person, a more patient person, a more gay person. Amusingly, when he tells Julie that he thinks Nicole will win, Julie makes this "you've got to be kidding me" face, and changes the subject, at last calling in Grandma and Brady, Hardly's brother. Get out of here, Hardly! I mean it: get out. Now.

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