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The King Is Dead. Long Live the King!

Time for the HoH competition. At last, Julie explains the endgame. Everyone is eligible to win this final Head of Household competition, which consists of three parts, and will conclude on Thursday. At that point, the winner will evict someone on the spot. They begin phase one of the competition, and I'm a little bit nervous, and not ashamed to admit it. Well, maybe just a little bit ashamed. In this first portion of the game, Julie reads a word that one of the evicted houseguests used to describe either Will, It'sOnica, or Nicole. The houseguests need to guess which of them that word describes. Nicole groans.

The first word, "brave," comes from Autumn. All of the houseguests guess themselves. But Autumn was describing Nicole, who then takes the early lead.

Next is Kent, whose word is "energetic." Everyone guesses Will, which is correct. Nicole is still ahead.

Krusta used the word "strong." Will and It'sOnica guess that she was talking about It'sOnica, which is correct. Nicole picks herself. The game is tied. Suspense!

Shannon's word is "aggressive." Nicole and Will guess that she was describing Nicole, and they're right. Nicole and Will are now tied for the lead.

Sheryl used the word "explosive." Everyone looks blank. Will is the only person to guess It'sOnica, which is the correct answer. He moves into the lead and, at home, I yelp "yes!"

Bunky's next. His description is "arrogant." Everyone guesses Will. Everyone is right. "It's 'confident'!" Will says. Everyone twitters nervously.

Mike's word is last, and it's a toughie: "Loyal." Will looks guilty, then shakes his head. No one seems confident about his or her answer, and no one gets it right. The correct answer was "Nicole," who is the last person I would have thought Mike Boogie considered loyal. At the end of this segment of the competition, Will is in first place, followed by Nicole, and It'sOnica. But it's very close, and Julie points out that it could all change Tuesday! God, if this goes down to a Will/Nicole showdown, I don't know if I'll be able to stand it.

After the competition, the houseguests all agree that they had no idea what they were doing in there. As they walk out to the patio, Will reaches his hand down his pants to, I don't know, scratch, or readjust, or whatever it is men do with their junk when they stick their hands down their pants. They wonder whether they're still on television, and Nicole moans that Jeff must be around somewhere. She wonders whether they let him go behind the walls to peek into the house. "They're not going to make him sit in the parking lot," Will snarks. So Nicole starts mournfully looking at the walls, while Will and It'sOnica go outside to play yet another game of backgammon. On her way outside, Nicole trips and almost bites it in the kitchen. Finally, she makes it outside without incident. "That was wack," she says. "Wiggity wack," Will agrees. "I'm explosive?" It'sOnica asks. Heh. Those last two minutes were the most entertaining part of this entire episode.

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