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Leavin' Steven

Julie sets up tonight's HoH competition by telling us that the houseguests got "spaced out." Cut to a clip of April blow-drying her hair in the mirror. Suddenly a guy in a greenly-illuminated rubber alien suit becomes visible through the one-way glass, freaking April right the hell out. The same thing happens to Jessie in the HoH room, and to Renny in the kitchen ["Best part was Renny not seeing it for like five minutes. So freakin' oblivious." -- Angel] The others start watching the mirrors, and Steven gets startled by an appearance even when he's expecting it. Also, the production has been stealing random decorations and cupcakes out of the house, to the point where even the houseguests have begun to notice.

So can we finally get to the HoH competition? The eleven remaining players are all standing outside, looking at an alien dummy perched on a rock in the pond. Julie says that they'll be taking turns going one-on-one against each other, trying to answer questions about the stuff that's gone missing. It's always fun to see how little the theme has to do with the actual game, no matter how bravely the question writers toiled to shoehorn an extraterrestrial theme into the phrasing of each question. The first two to face off are Dan and April, chosen at random. Dan forgets his "act like a weak player" strategy and quickly eliminates April with a correct answer. He picks Renny and Libra to face each other next, since they're the closest. Renny buzzes in and gets it wrong, so Libra gets to pick Memphis and Angie to go up against each other. Angie loses that round, and Memphis picks Ollie and Jerry. Jerry gets that one wrong, so Ollie gets to pit Michelle against Keesha. Michelle blows that one, so Keesha calls Libra and Dan back. Libra gets that one right (or Dan remembered to throw it), so Libra picks Memphis and Keesha. After a pause, Keesha buzzes in with the correct answer, so Memphis is out. That leaves only Libra and Ollie, and Libra wins that round too. So it's down to Keesha and Libra. Libra gets it wrong, so Keesha is the new Head of Household. Well, at least nobody can boss her around for a week now.

Back from the last set of ads, everyone's back in the living room as Julie congratulates Keesha on being the first female HoH of the season. She has more questions from the audience, and the first one is for Libra: "What are you going to do if you end up on slop for a third straight week?" Libra says it won't be pretty, and that she's already lost twelve pounds. Thanks, live audience. That was jaw-dropping.

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