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Afterward, speculation is rampant about Keesha's motives for passing up the slop pass to stay in the PoV competition. And she doesn't help by apologizing to Steven for losing, right in front of Libra. Steven tells her to watch herself. And later, Keesha and Renny decide that Libra needs to go. Or actually, Keesha decides that, and Renny quietly eggs her on, because Renny may finally be learning how to play this game.

Unlike Keesha, who goes to confront her whole alliance and tell them that she wasn't planning to change any nominations. But she's put her foot in it, because Libra and Michelle are like, "Who were you thinking about vetoing?" Keesha flounders and finally asks, "Do you guys really think I'm that stupid?" Libra simply makes an eloquent gesture.

So later, Keesha goes to HoH to try and turn Memphis and Jessie against Libra, and surprisingly, they seem to be hearing her. In fact, they seem to be seriously considering backdooring Libra right now. I'm not sure where Keesha's clout is coming from all of a sudden. It's not like she's wearing the Hooters uniform or anything.

Keesha continues her anti-Libra campaign, now targeting Renny and Jerry. Renny informs Jerry about Libra's comments about the disadvantage of having both the oldsters on her team during the last food competition, (the editors even insert a clip), and now Jerry's pissed off, too. He certainly doesn't act like the oldest one in the house as he bitches about Libra. He doesn't even act like the oldest one in my son's Montessori school

Next morning, Jerry charges right into the women's bedroom and confronts Libra, and they are instantly in each other's faces, screaming. The fight ranges through the house, over what Libra said and what someone said she said, and what Renny said Libra said, and Libra's bulling through the house all self-righteous about her exact words (she never said the word "slow") as opposed to her clearly implied meaning (which is "we lost because old people are slow").

So Steven decides it's time to make a move, proposing to Jessie in private that he put Libra up as a replacement nominee. Jessie reminds Steven that he first has to get Michelle on board as the veto-holder. So Steven brings Michelle up to HoH so the two of them can suggest it to Michelle. Steven makes his pitch to Michelle that it's a safe move to put the house in position to ditch Libra, since the votes are clearly in place to get her out of there and everyone will thank Michelle for making it possible. She makes the valid point that he's not exactly an impartial adviser here. But to prove he's not motivated by pure self-interest, he suggests she veto Dan so Steven can go up against Libra for the eviction vote. That's certainly putting his money where his mouth is, which even Michelle has to give some consideration to.

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