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From the Jaws of Defeat

Time for the PoV player drawing. Danielle calls nominees Frank and Wil to the front of the room. Danielle draws Shane's name, which is good for her. Frank draws Jenn, which is good for Jenn, because now people will remember she's in the house. And Wil draws Ian's name. Mike is disappointed not to get a chance to save Frank (and himself, while he's at it), and unimpressed with Ian and/or Jenn's chances to win it for themselves. Danielle picks Dan as the competition's host, duh.

When most of the house is apparently asleep that night, Frank and Janelle find themselves in a room together. Frank thinks Janelle thinks he wants all the coaches out, and they talk about which of them hasn't talked to the other a bit, until Janelle starts putting out feelers for an alliance with Frank. We get a portentous shot of Britney coming down the stairs, as though to warn us that this could get awkward. She doesn't confront them, but goes back to the HoH room and tells Dan and Danielle about Janelle's treachery. Danielle joins Britney in getting irritated, but Dan, who DRs that he's trying to keep the coaches together, wants to smooth things over. Let's just say that as of the commercials, he has not succeeded.

Without preamble, the players come out the next day to a backyard made up like a cheap baseball stadium for the PoV competition. Only instead of a small baseball diamond, there's a diamond-shaped arrangement of numbered bins laid out in front of a large skee-ball ramp. Danielle drools in the DR about Shane in his baseball pants, and then Dan -- dressed like a bulletproof umpire -- explains the rules. In each round, each player will get a chance to roll their ball into the bins, scoring the number of points marked on the bin their ball lands in. The one with the lowest score will be eliminated, but will get to collect a box of off-brand Cracker Jack from a shelf with a prize inside. And as expected, this is one of those Yankee Swap/White Elephant things, where any player can swap their prize for one received by a previously eliminated player.

The competition begins, and Frank rolls a 20, which is the highest number on the board. He'll be safe this round. Ian tells us in the DR that he plans to throw the PoV competition, since he hasn't picked a side yet and holding the Veto this week would force him to do just that. He only gets a 3, but Shane gets a 2. Jenn DRs that she wants to do well so people know she exists (although those aren't her exact words), and scores a 9. Danielle gets a 4 and Wil gets a 6, so Shane's 2 means he's out of the PoV. He picks up the sixth-place box and finds the PoV medal inside it. He says he gets one last chance to wear it, four weeks in a row, although he knows full well that he's not going to get to keep it. He parks his veto-holding ass in the dugout and awaits the inevitable stripping of his medal.

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