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The Ragan Revolution

Later, Brendon and Rachel talk about what Matt's up to while Britney eavesdrops. And Ragan is speculating to Hayden and Kathy on what it could mean, up to and including bringing somebody back. Well, sort of.

Ragan goes into the DR and, spotting the envelope on the couch with his name on it, looks at it askance and says, "Oh, this is not good." He sits down and reads the offer for him to be the next saboteur, which will include three sabotages per week. Let's hope they're not as lame as the ones Annie had to do. Ragan is shocked that he was chosen for this, and is torn about the decision. But since he doesn't want to let America down, he agrees to be the new saboteur, hardly believing it himself. Oh, Ragan.

Rachel approaches Matt to talk about his upcoming nominations. Ragan offers to leave, and Rachel rudely says she doesn't care; "I know you guys are like a team." Which is news to everyone in the room but Rachel. She wants to make a deal with Matt, warning him that one of them is likely to win PoV. Ragan again wonders why he's there, and starts to angrily say that nobody's ever even proposed an alliance with him. Then Rachel tells him it has nothing to do with him and tells him to go, then. "Okay, Rachel," Ragan says with exaggerated politeness. She does it right back to him, and suddenly this is spiraling into a fight. Brendon walks in to take Rachel's side while Matt leans back and watches, bragging about doing that until he disagrees with Brendon about something and wades right in. Good strategy for about three seconds, though. Rachel comes up with the idea of Brendon and Ragan leaving, and Matt's ready to move on, but suddenly Rachel thinks there's no point. Well, it was all worth it, then.

Meanwhile, out in the kitchen, others are picking up in the tension and Brendon calls the scene in the other room "two against one." Ragan says Brendon wasn't even there, and that Rachel was the one raising her voice. Ragan calls Brendon on putting out only his version of events, and then Rachel comes and gets Brendon. "I apologize if I am a bitch," she tells the room, which I'm sure will keep her safe this week. So then the couple goes back to Matt to talk some more. Matt is refusing to be nailed down, and agrees that whichever one of them stays will be coming after him. Rachel extends that logic to say that so will everyone else. Well, she had me and then she lost me.

Saboteur message! Everyone goes running into the living room like they're on MST3K and they've got movie sign. The unrecognizable figure-- which looks and sounds exactly like the Annie version -- starts by thanking Matt for opening Pandora's Box and releasing him. "My mission is to destroy all of you and cruise the half-million dollars," the saboteur boasts. Everyone looks at each other suspiciously, and Brendon asks Matt to reiterate that he only got a dollar. And Matt repents in the DR of ever touching it. "Curiosity killed the Matt," he DRs. Britney asks why anyone would even want to be the saboteur, and everyone belatedly realizes that the saboteur is among them. Ragan is already defending the saboteur, whoever it might be, and Matt laughs as nervously as if it's him. Which I realize is Matt's normal laugh, but still.

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