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The Spirit Of Fairness

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The Spirit Of Fairness

Kail starts talking about the nomination process, and how she could be pissing off more than the two people she nominates. Because there could already be several other alliances that she doesn't even know about yet, especially if other people have jumped the gun on that as much as she has. In the HoH room, she and Mike talk about how hard it is when there are still so many people. "Especially when three of them are not eligible," Mike says, like the fact that Dick, Dustin and Jessica are automatically safe doesn’t narrow it down helpfully. And then there are the three other people in her alliance, which leaves seven potential evictees. That's not that many for the first week, okay? Mike advises her to just nominate people who did poorly in competitions. Kail's thinking she maybe wants to put up Joe, because he's such a competitor and because the editors have to come up with some kind of suspense.

Eric reminds us that he is "America's Player," and then we get to see him doing a hilarious chicken walk in the yard for the entertainment of several other houseguests. Really, it's a lot funnier than it has any right to be. Then the announcer tells us what Eric's first assignment is: "To reveal his soft side by making up a traumatic story about his past." So guess what all we get to vote on? Who Eric tells the story to. Okay, boring. This America's Player thing sucks. Eric deserves better.

Nomination time. The editors do their best to jack up tension, as Jen wonders what Kail means about doing "fair" nominations and how it affects her; Joe worries that the tension between himself and Dustin will make him a target; and Dick claims to be "totally concerned" that Daniele will be nominated as "part of the six." Kail feels bad about being the one to crush someone's dreams, because nobody has done anything wrong. "Especially to me," she says. She finishes up her task with the keys in the HoH room, and tucks two of them away in the vault for the eventual dream-crushing process.

Everyone else is sitting around the table as she hauls that giant circular box into the room. It looks pretty heavy and awkward, with all those keys and baggage in it and all. Kail explains how it works: she's going to pull the first person's key, and tell that person they are safe. When all the keys have been pulled, the two people without keys are nominated. Dustin, "Evil," and Jessica get their keys first. Yes, she calls Dick "Evil." Don't encourage him. Kail. She declares, "In the spirit of fairness, let this nomination begin." First to be drawn is Eric. Eric draws Joe. Joe draws Zach. Zach draws Daniele. Daniele draws Jen. Jen draws Mike. Mike draws Jameka. And Jameka draws Nick. That leaves Amber and Carol. As Jessica smirks, Kail stands up and says she nominated those two because they were the first out of the HoH competition.

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