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James, in an interview, says that the whole thing escalated ridiculously, and that Howie needs to get it through his head that the kind of stuff he's angry about is part of the game, and it's nothing to freak out about. "This 'personal attack' stuff, it just needs to stop." George returns to the couch, but he sits on the opposite end from Howie. "Now that we've separated the two little boys, can we go back to this video, please?" James asks. "Absolutely, Sir James," Howie says, all snotty. "Thank you, George, for remaining an adult," James says pointedly. I love how James and Danielle have become the sole voices of sanity. It's making them both a lot more appealing.

We go back to Julie, who tells us that we will soon be checking back on Janelle and Erika to see whether they're as gullible as they look.

When we come back, Will and Mike are out in the backyard, and Will is saying to Mike what he said to us the other day, which is that the thing about romancing the women "worked too well." He says, "Who would want to date us scumbags, I don't know. But they do." In the DR, Will says, very interestingly, that Erika has a "strong spirit" and is "kind of a maverick." It's been clear for some time that she makes Will nervous. He's been after Erika for a long, long time. After having seen Erika take out Danielle, Will says he knows that she could go after Janelle, but she could also go after him.

Erika comes outside and talks to the guys, telling them that she's nervous about being sent home by Janelle at this point -- the same place she went out in her own season at the hand of one Alison Irwin. Will tries to tell her that there's nothing to worry about as long as Janelle doesn't win PoV. Erika DRs that she trusts the boys, sort of, in a way, and then Will tells Mike that he needs to be serious about trying to beat Janelle in the PoV. Will goes inside and tells Janelle what she wants to hear, about how Erika is moping and whining, and he doesn't like her at all, blah blah blah. Janelle haughtily announces in the DR that Erika is "playing for second place," because she couldn't beat Janelle or Will or Mike. "She's kind of an idiot," Janelle says. Boy, I sure hope Janelle lasts longer than Erika, don't you? Otherwise, that's going to look pretty bad. Will assures Janelle that she has nothing to worry about as long as Erika doesn't win PoV.

Later, Will and Janelle sleep in the giant bed in the red room together in night vision. Janelle announces in the DR that "emotionally, he does have me," as if we didn't know. In bed, she tells Will she wants to tell him something. He comes over to her. "This isn't a showmance, and I want to be with you," she whispers, continuing in the mistaken belief, borne apparently of the failure to watch the show that she herself is currently on, that the microphones cannot pick up people whispering. Will's body language demonstrates total distaste at this announcement as he pulls back from her with a hearty "Oh, right." I really don't think he actually wants this to happen, what with the girlfriend and such. I think he was more comfortable when they were a little more on equal footing emotionally, before she started getting all hearts-and-flowers about it. I don't think he's been fair to her, but I don't think he intended to have her get all serious about it.

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