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Farewell, Evil One

When we return, it's time to watch the veto competition. As Julie explains, the PoV winner, unless it's Mike, will be the person to cast the single vote that will put someone out. In the backyard, the houseguests find another goofy-looking setup. Basically, they have to pull houseguests' faces out of a pool of goo, and then they have to put them on a puzzle board. It's just trivia questions about past events. It's dressed up, but it's trivia questions about past events. Which mean Janelle will win, which she does. Will admits that he didn't even really try, because he didn't really care, being pretty confident he wasn't going out anyway: "I know I'm not leaving this week." Way to invite that karmic whap, doc. Dear Will: Your karma called. You don't want to know what it said. He also doesn't even recognize the picture of Alison when he first pulls it out, and he admits that he thought it was Jennifer Aniston. Get ready for the Jennifer Aniston legal team to be on your ass in a jiffy, there, dude. Anyway, Erika comes pretty close to winning, but she and Janelle are both shuffling faces around at the end, and Janelle hits on the right combination faster. Of course, upon her victory, all Janelle wants is to throw herself at Will, and she kisses him on the mouth, which he finds unusual enough that he mentions it later. "I'm guaranteed to be in the final three," he says, "because Janelle's going to keep me." Erika, in the DR, pretty much knows that she's toast. Janelle tells us that it was a big relief to win. "This was a tremendous advancement to me," she says in her patented, mangled way.

Erika almost immediately tries to pull Janelle off for a chat, saying in the DR with hilarious resignation that she was forced to try to appeal to "Janelle's sense of logic." You can tell that Erika realizes how unlikely to succeed that strategy sounds as soon as she says it, given that, as far as we know, Janelle doesn't so much have a sense of logic. Trivia questions, yes. Logic? Not so much. It's hard to lie in bed and study for logic, after all. Erika tells Janelle she knows Janelle is going to evict her, and Janelle wants to know why she thinks that. Oh, I don't know, genius. Because you're in love with Will and want to have his babies? "You can't beat Will," Erika says. "You want those two against you?" Janelle makes it clear to Erika that she thinks she can beat anyone who remains, though she doesn't want to say so. Erika also mentions that the jury would love Janelle if she took Will out.

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