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Farewell, Evil One

Will overhears some of Erika and Janelle's conversation before they head inside, and as he and Mike sit around, he explains with some disdain how Erika is scrambling for her life. Mike says that it makes him feel better screwing Erika over, due to the fact that she's being such a bitch as to try to fight for herself. Will says that this just goes to show Erika isn't sweet or anything. Right. Because a sweet girl will let you get over on her, right? A sweet girl doesn't even try to get anything for herself if it's her or you, right? Mike DRs that Erika is "grasping at straws" since she's "the odd person out." He says that this way, "it's nice and easy. Janelle can kick her out, I can look like the supportive boyfriend...I haven't been eating a lot of desserts this summer, but, uh, apparently sometimes, you can have your cake and eat it too." Boy, is he ever feeling pleased with himself.

But Erika and Janelle are chatting upstairs. Erika tries the "Will doesn't need the money" speech, and that's a horrible argument, because Janelle just points out that she herself does need it. Erika says that she's talking second-place money -- Erika won't beat Janelle anyway. Janelle -- who is wearing her prom crown, barf -- says that she doesn't think Erika will take her to F2. Erika swears that she will. "What if I give you my word on my mother?" Erika says. Janelle DRs that she's having to decide who stays and who goes, and she's just been lied to over and over. "You know who the biggest liar is to you in this game?" Erika says. Janelle hesitates and pitifully says, "Boogie?" Erika just gives her a "girl, please" look, and Janelle admits that the biggest liar to her has been, of course, Will. Erika tells Janelle that Will and Mike are not going to promise her F2. They won't. And Erika will. "I won't take Boogie," she says. "I promise you." Erika DRs that she's not going to go out without fighting, and she's not going to "let these boys run [her] out of here."

Now, Erika and Janelle adjourn outside, where Will and Mike are working out, but the women huddle on the couch. I love the fact that Mike is trying to look all tough while working out in what appear to be polka-dot walking shorts. Erika tells Janelle she's "over these two boys." She also says this: "They think that you and I are a joke. Like they've manipulated us." Janelle stops to think about this. Erika says that the guys have obviously been trying to pit them against each other. She also reminds Janelle that Will pays her all kinds of compliments, but doesn't promise her F2. It's like Erika has been possessed by the brain of...someone with a brain. Erika vows again that she will take Janelle to F2 and she will take the boys out. Janelle considers this. "Promise?" she says weakly. "I promise," Erika says. And then Janelle says, "Would you like some wine?", and Erika agrees, and the two of them head inside together.

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