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Farewell, Evil One

When Janelle and Erika are gone, Will, lying on the ground doing some kind of leg stretches or ab exercises or some such, says to Mike, "Boogie, I'm going home." Mike doesn't get it. Not too surprising. I think he was flexing at the time. No blood to spare for thinkin'! Will points out that not only are the girls hanging out together, but he's getting no eye contact from Janelle, and it was Janelle who asked Erika to go inside. It's a very bad sign. And he's right, of course. And Mike would never pick up on it, of course. In the diary room, Will says that "Operation Double Date has become Operation Double Mistake." He says that things right now look very, very dire for him. "This is our show," Mike says in the backyard. "These bitches think they're going to steal it from us." I wonder if he has any idea how that sounds. How horrible, but also how...much like the guy at the reunion with the hair plugs and the Viagra whose much younger girlfriend is in the bathroom making out with someone better-looking while dessert is being served. I mean, does he not know he's on the road to becoming that particular guy? Will tells Mike that there isn't anything more that he can do, really -- if Janelle's gone, she's gone.

Inside, Erika is pumping Janelle up into a girl-power frenzy, toasting her and being all, "Let's do it." Janelle wants that promise that Erika will take her to F2. Janelle says that Erika's promise sounds pretty good, but she still doesn't know what to do. That night, Janelle and Erika talk outside while the boys are, presumably, asleep. Erika smokes and tells Janelle that booting Will is her best move, which she's saying "as a friend and as a woman." And as a smoker, and as a reality-show contestant. She asks Janelle to think about all the shit that Will has pulled, promising that Howie and Marcellas and whoever would be safe. She doesn't understand why Janelle would trust Will about anything. "It's complicated," Janelle says. It's not complicated, Janelle. You want him for your boyfriend, even though you know he has a girlfriend, because he twirls you around and calls you a pretty princess. That is many things, including dumb and pitiable, but it is not "complicated." Erika takes another puff. "I think they're a couple of liars," Erika says.

And then: Janelle says, "Did he tell you that you're part of Chill Town?" Erika laughs and confirms that this is what she was told. Janelle and Erika proceed to compare notes -- finally -- and realize that they've been told all the same things all along. They laugh and curse their own stupidity. "They think they got us," Erika says in disbelief. "I'm so embarrassed for my actions," Janelle says, and it's not as bad as it sounds -- it's said in good humor, with the right mix of head-smacking and actual embarrassment. "I totally screwed up this whole game!" Janelle immediately realizes that she and Erika must have been laughing stocks all summer -- presumably among fans. Yep.

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