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Farewell, Evil One

So now, Julie takes us to the living room and the F4. She asks Mike about the fast-forwarded hour, and he says that it was very stressful for him. She then talks about how close the four of them who remain really are. She asks Will what he thinks of himself and Janelle. Will says he thinks that they'll be "good friends." Janelle says "friends" too. Erika says "definitely friends, for sure." She says that as to romance, "who knows?" Mike says that if he's in F2, they can see how Erika's vote goes, and then they'll see. It's so disgusting, because he's saying this because he can, you know? He's saying things just to be able to say later that he said them right to her face and she couldn't even do anything. It's like...this is the kind of personality I associate with people who would get a sexual thrill out of pooping on others. Because the only thing gives them a charge is finding someone with whom they can test the bounds of revolting treatment without being refused anything. To her credit, Erika blanches visibly at this, and although he tries to say he's "just having some fun," he's...not. Will tries to break up this moment -- because I'm telling you, the cruelty for cruelty's sake to basically harmless people's faces just so you can fondly recall later how you humiliated them is not Will's MO, so much -- by saying, "I hate everybody." Heh.

Julie asks Janelle who she's most surprised not to see in the final four. Janelle offers Danielle. Fascinating question, Julie. And now, it's veto time! Janelle vetoes herself, and obviously, this forces Mike to put Will on the block, much as he hates to do it. "I can't believe you're nominating me," Will chuckles. So now, it's time for Janelle to make her vote. But first! Commercials. Game certainly does move at a breakneck pace, doesn't it?

When we come back, we finally will be hearing Janelle's decision. But first, of course, each nominee will be given a moment to argue why he or she should be kept. At this point, it's kind of like letting both the beers in the fridge explain why you should drink the other one, Erika says that she thinks Janelle is a great competitor, and she's sure Janelle will make the right choice. She barely refrains from winking, you can tell. Will tells Janelle that everyone in the jury house hates him, so for his personal safety, he'd like not to be sent there. He knows, though; you can tell. Janelle stands up. She says that it's very difficult, in spite of the fact that she's back in the "Baby Make It Nice" shirt, and she's made mistakes all summer. But now, she's "done making mistakes." She says that "for Marcellas and Howie," she's voting to evict Will. Way to suck up. I'll say this for her: she knows Marcellas. Will isn't thrown by his eviction at all, it doesn't appear -- he gives her a hug, and he gives Erika a hug. "Hug it out," he says to Mike over by the door. Mike is the only person in the room who didn't know this was going to happen, which sort of makes sense. There's a logical correlation between a complete lack of self-awareness and a complete lack of other-people-awareness. Janelle apologizes, and Will promises her it's fine. When he's gone, Janelle and Erika shake hands.

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