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Farewell, Evil One

Will makes his way out to Julie Chen. Inside the house, Mike congratulates Erika with great bitterness. He is stunned, and he is incredibly angry. It's kind of this combination of feeling panicked that his friend is gone, as well as angry that his "charisma and sexual magnetism" performed about as well as the Green Bay Packers. It's sort of...the emperor's dick has no clothes, you know? Janelle and Erika retreat to the bathroom, where they enjoy how completely shocked the boys were. And then...well, maybe the best shot in the history of the show happens, as -- in the middle of a live show -- someone has the presence of mind to show Mike sitting in the living room, his mouth literally hanging open in a way you usually aren't going to actually see. I mean, it's typically just an expression, you know? Not this time. His mouth is hanging open, tongue-depressor-style. A mouse could walk right in, and I, for one, wish it would. Erika tells Janelle she's "awesome," and the two of them enjoy a two-handed high-five. So...a high-ten. Or whatever. In the living room, Mike seethes. What has become of all his plans? What?

Julie asks Will, settled on the couch across from her, how he managed to lose control of the game when he so recently appeared to be running everything. Will tells Julie that there are only so many lies you can tell, and that you do what you can, but it was all bound to catch up with him at some point. It's weird how subdued he is -- not bitter-subdued, just kind of like he stopped turning the crank on whatever the persona was that he felt bound to adopt. Julie asks him whether he should have maybe worked a little harder at winning that last veto. Will tells her that his strategy was not to win anything, and he went with that strategy until the end. That's a terrible answer to a good question -- there's no question that his decision to lay back on the theory that it didn't matter what he did, if indeed that's what happened, was an enormous strategic blunder based on a misreading of the situation. It was probably his biggest single fuck-up, aside from not letting Mike make Erika feel better by not nominating her.

Julie asks what went wrong with the famous Operation Double Date. Will says that you can't actually control everything that happens, which I think is his real answer, and which doesn't satisfy Julie at all. How can someone who won the game before think that it might be partly luck? Impossible! Julie wonders whether Will underestimated Janelle. Will quite correctly says that the one he probably underestimated was Erika, who is, after all, responsible for his being booted. Janelle certainly wasn't going to get there on her own. Unfortunately, in Will's dumbest moment, he says he also thinks that this is a choice that Janelle will probably regret at some point in the future. Julie wonders why, and Will says that they were good friends and "had something very interesting," and he just thinks she'll probably wish later that she'd done it differently. I have no idea what he intended to say there, but it came out sounding a little too older-brotherly for my tastes. Julie wonders if Will's comments about regrets mean that now, they can't be friends anymore. Will quickly backpedals, telling her he's not saying that at all. He has only good things to say about Janelle, and in fact about everyone else who was in the house. Because Julie is absolutely not interested in anything that happens in the house that does not involve Janelle, she asks him again, as she pretty much did earlier in the show, whether the flirting with Janelle was real or play. Will gives a sort of mealy-mouthed answer in which I think he's trying not to disrespect Janelle while also trying not to get dumped by his girlfriend, so there's a lot of "well, a lie can become real, but to me, it was a game" sort of stuff. He says that they were playing each other equally, and that he's sure that Janelle will be saying the same things about him. It's interesting how he doesn't feel obligated to gloat about his ability to control her, like, at all.

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