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Farewell, Evil One

Because this is not just gloating about game play or fooling people into voting the way you want. Mike just went on television and laughed about revealing a woman he's been sleeping with and making out with for weeks to be a whore. A whore. I can't help but think...are you thinking she's a whore when you're kissing her? Are you thinking she's a whore when you're in the bathtub with her? Or did she only get to be a whore when she didn't do what you wanted her to do? Because correct me if I'm wrong, but the traditional use of the word "whore" involves trading sex for money, and the more generic use of the word "whore" involves cheapening yourself. It's the treatment of your dignity as if it has no value, and the selling of the things you'd usually consider to be beyond commerce. In which case...isn't it Mike who's the whore? Isn't it Mike who slept with her to get closer to half a million dollars? If she slept with him out of strategy, she did nothing worse than he did. If she slept with him out of genuine emotion, then she's a fool, and she's fallen for a game she should have seen coming a mile away, but what on earth does that have to do with being a whore? I shudder to think -- I shudder to know -- what would have been publicly done to a woman who did what Mike did. Imagine a woman who enters into a romantic relationship with a man who is obviously falling in love with her, who engages in sexual activity of whatever kind on camera, who laughs privately about how she's just using him to get farther in the game. Would he be blamed? Would it ever even occur to a woman in that situation to argue that the guy was a whore? I think it would not, and if she tried it, she would never sell it. She would be blamed. And certainly, she would be called a whore. It's an interesting thing, isn't it?

In truth, I think what Mike is so happy to think he's proved isn't so much that Erika is a whore, but that all women are whores. He doesn't think he's shown anything peculiar about Erika. He just thinks he's shown that she's no different from any other woman. They can all be used, they can all be humiliated, and then they can all be forgotten, because it's not like there aren't a few hundred million other ones just like them. Some of them may look smart or cool or clever, but they're all whores. I think, in fact, that Mike believes he defiled her, and I think that's what's pleasing him so much. He loves it that he humiliated her. He loves it that she's wound up in a situation that's so perfectly degrading. He hates her, and he could still fuck her any time he wanted, and that's what makes him feel like he owns her, and he wants you to know it.

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