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Farewell, Evil One

Will fades to black and white.

Erika and Mike talk in the kitchen about how shocked he is about Will's fate. He claims to be happy for Erika. In the DR, Erika says sarcastically, "I think the baby plans are probably put on hold for now. I think he's a little upset with me. I kind of had his best friend booted from the house." Mike talks for a while that Erika deserves credit for being "a backstabbing witch." Damn right she does. He tells Janelle that she made a smart move getting rid of Will, and that Will would have beaten any of them, because Will is "a legend." I love the fact that Janelle, who actually evicted Will, is not a whore. Just Erika. Just the one he was in charge of controlling and didn't. For her part, Janelle thinks that she and Erika are having "the last laugh." Unfortunately: not "last," so much as "current."

We relive the volcano HoH round, and how quickly it was over. Mike jumps down, blah blah blah. Mike tells us that he quickly decided to reference Hatch and skip out. He knew that the women would beat him, not that he wants to say it quite that way. He says that he'll take his chances in part two. We are also reminded of how Janelle denied taking her hand off, even though she did, and of how Erika was crowned the winner. Erika says in the DR that she was actually planning on throwing it to Janelle, and she didn't even get a chance. That may well be true. Janelle says that she wanted to win, since she's the competition princess or whatever, and she just has to concentrate on winning the next one. She doesn't have much choice, I guess.

Mike, after the volcano bit is over, stomps into the house and into one of the bedrooms, where he sits on a bed, puts his head in his hands, and mourns Will's departure. Oh, but first, he throws some stuff around. Heh. Mike says that "the girls struck some sort of deal." Think so? Nah! Mike says that he'll miss Will. "I just don't know what happened," he says. Girls are so crazy!

Outside, Erika and Janelle talk. It turns out that Erika had warned Janelle that she thought Mike would throw the competition. Janelle says in the DR that she was shocked he did that. "Crazy," she says. Erika tells Janelle that she'll be fine and she'll beat Mike in the next round. Erika adds in the DR that she just hopes that Janelle will beat Mike in the next round of HoH, and she has "all the faith in the world" that she will. At this point, she genuinely seems to want Mike out, and this is the part that I not get. "Boogie is pissed," Janelle observes.

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