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Farewell, Evil One

At any rate, Julie takes us to the living room to talk to the final three. She tells us that the game will be over in five days, which is the first piece of good news I've heard in quite some time. Julie asks Janelle about evicting Will and whether she misses him, and she starts to tear up. Mike goes on for a while about how he's never been here without Will, and how he looks to his WWWD bracelet and so forth. Then Julie asks Erika why she and Mike aren't sleeping together anymore, and Erika hedges and says she doesn't know, instead of saying, "Well, the thrill is gone," which would have been her best bet. Or possibly, "Weirdly, he hasn't had an erection since Will left." That would have pleased me, only because it would have bothered Mike. Mike says that they're both "getting really focused," neatly constructed, in that it's the opposite of true.

And now, Will visits the jury house. Danielle has taken over making eggs for breakfast, and she says that she's just hoping all the "losers" can have fun together. Later, the jury prepares to wait for the next arriving houseguest. They agree that if it's Janelle, they'll need ice cream, and if it's Will, they'll need sunblock. Howie, of course, says he doesn't want it to be Janelle, since he wants her to win. Will makes his way up the sidewalk and opens the door. "Reap what you sow!" he says, and they all applaud. Howie kisses him on the cheek. Marcellas looks pleased, and he tells us that he's very happy about it, since it's "sweet poetic justice." Will promises them that he got "the worst boot" in the show's history, laughingly promising Danielle it makes everything in her season look like child's play. "Doctor, not you," George moans as Will brings him inside. "It happens," Will says good-naturedly.

They all sit down to watch the video. When Janelle uses her "for Howie and Marcellas" line, they all recognize she's just scamming for votes, but Marcellas smiles happily anyway, and tells us that he was so excited -- eeeee! -- that Janelle dedicated her booting of Will to him. "Marcellas, don't you believe that crap," James says, continuing his trend of being the most likable person in the jury house. Danielle interviews that "girls talk," which...okay, it's a stereotype, but it's also a little bit true. I think it's more that "people talk," especially when you fuck over several who know each other and just pray they won't talk about you, but...the point is valid. "I will give credit where credit is due," Will tells the rest of the people in the house, "They spanked my ass on both cheeks, they're still red, and it still hurts." Ha! Oh, Will.

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