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Farewell, Evil One

Now, Julie brings us back for the final part of the HoH competition. Julie announces that this competition will involve completing statements made by people who are at the jury house, and the answer will be either A or B. Most points at the end is the final HoH. The first question is George's opinion of the most annoying thing about the house. They both correctly predict that George said it was the mess, rather than Howie, which is kind of surprising. Did Danielle say she was afraid to have her family see her drunk or crying? Drunk. They're both right. And so, incidentally, is Danielle. I'm not sure Danielle being drunk was a "moment." Will said the most shocking moment was either the fast-forward eviction or his own eviction. Interestingly, a lot of our EEFPs thought this was a gimme question that Erika would have to have known, but other ones thought it was an obvious setup between Will and Mike that Will would give the obviously wrong answer so that only Mike would get it right. That disagreement suggests to me that probably, neither of those theories are right. I certainly think either answer to the original question could be plausible, depending on Will's frame of mind. I'd be surprised if he said his own eviction, but I'd be surprised at the other one, too. It turns out that Will said the fast-forward eviction was most shocking, which Mike gets right and Erika gets wrong. They give the same answers for all the rest of the dumb questions, so Mike wins the final HoH. Mike is in your final two, folks. Talk about a house full of people getting the finale they deserve.

So Julie tells Mike that he's getting at least $50,000 for second place, and he's about to decide who will make it to the final two with him and who will go home. He yells, "What's up, Concord?" Population of Concord: "Oh my God, we will never get laid again if you don't shut up."

When we come back, Mike, Erika, and Janelle are sitting in the living room. It's time for the women to beg for mercy. Erika claims she's "always had [his] back," and she also says he'd have a better chance against her than against Janelle. Janelle, on the other hand, says that Erika has discovered that he and Will were "playing everyone," so if he takes Erika, she might tell them that. And Janelle...wouldn't do that? What is she talking about? She is making no sense. A speech based on numerology would have been better than that. "And I was so easily influenced, I think I'll lose anyway," Janelle adds. Yeah, that's not any better. Anyway, Mike stands up and evicts Janelle, as you knew he would. He claims to "adore" them both, as is common with this particular brand of woman-hater. He loves the ladies! He gives Janelle a final twirl as he throws her out, and then he offers her champagne at one of his cheap-ass restaurants on her way out. And if she's lucky, her waiter will be some dude who was on Chains Of Love. And when the door is closed behind Janelle, Mike and Erika go right at each other and kiss. They both do. It's not just her. They both do. And it's completely, utterly, wildly detestable.

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