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They Won't Have James to Kick Around Any More

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They Won't Have James to Kick Around Any More

James, meanwhile, is sticking to what he sees as a winning strategy of turning people against Natalie, on the logic that if Natalie falls out of favor, Sharon might get voted out instead. I don't know, that doesn't seem like enough leverage to me. But while playing chess with Ryan (or, more likely, while taking a break from playing army men with the pieces), James talks about how the women are going to come after Ryan once James is gone, and offers Ryan an alternate scenario: "What if I didn't leave?" Ryan seems open to it, as long as James can get others on board with the plan. But then Ryan is always good at seeming open to things and then doing exactly what you're expecting him to do in the end.

So James, looking almost funereal for him in maroon, presents his proposal to Adam and Sheila. Adam leaves the decision up to Sheila, who promises, "I'm going to do something crazy for my 46th birthday." What's that, win a competition? That wouldn't be crazy. That would be Twilight Zone.

Julie gets the six remaining houseguests on the viewscreen and asks Natalie a question from a viewer named Brenda from New York: "What does religion have to do with the game?" Natalie gives a non-answer about faith keeping her strong and everything happens for a reason. Natalie, what Brenda from New York was actually asking is, "Can you be a little less obnoxious with the 'Team Christ' bullshit, please?" Or, put another way, who would Jesus backdoor? Julie then asks fellow Christian Sharon what she thinks of that, and she doesn't disagree. I think it's worth mentioning that Sharon, at least on the edited broadcast, hasn't been nearly as irritatingly hypocritical with the Bible-thumping as Natalie has. Julie then asks Adam what he looks for in "babies," and Adam rattles off some important qualities he looks for in women, forgetting the most important one: blindness.

Julie then shows them the clip of James dumping flour on Sheila's head, and asks James why she's always the target. James turns it into a compliment for Sheila by saying she's the only one who could take it. True; any of the other four could snap James like a twig. Julie then asks Sheila if the other houseguests make her feel older or younger. Sheila says the latter, although by the time she's done we're all older. Sheila also gives a message to her son that she misses and loves him and looks forward to celebrating his birthday, which is on April 24th. Unless they speed things up, I think she's going to be a bit late to the party.

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