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They Won't Have James to Kick Around Any More

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They Won't Have James to Kick Around Any More

Time to meet Sharon's family, in their house in Olathe, Kansas (she's going to be bummed that she missed the big Jayhawks win). Her dad is a former Marine with an entire mine's worth of metal on his dress uniform which he apparently wears around the house. We also learn that Sharon was in a car accident that strengthened her belief in God by not killing her. Colonel Dad talks about how Sharon always helps people, and lives by the Marine motto semper fi. Her nameless, Leelee Sobieski-looking sister says Sharon needs to step up her game and show everyone what a fighter she is. Which is illustrated by a clip of Sharon and Natalie girl-boxing. They both suck. It's like a demolition derby with feet.

DR comments on the nominees: Natalie says James has got to go. Ryan agrees. Sheila says it might be good for her if James can stay and get rid of Natalie for her. However, Ryan claims to be thinking about changing the gender balance in the house by booting Sharon. And also on the other hand, Sheila says that James is a sneaky bastard, and she would hate to get knocked out by him in the final four.

Time to visit the jury house, which is HUGE. The first juror, Matt, rattles around the giant house and grounds by himself. He's alone with his thoughts. But I repeat myself. He hopes to see James or "some type of female" next. Sure enough, Chelsia dashes in and throws herself on him. Chelsia assures us that she will not be hooking up with Matt. The following week, the two of them sit by the fire waiting nervously for the next evictee (which we already know is Joshuah, so drop the suspense edit, show). Chelsia's happy to see someone she likes, but disappointed. Matt unkindly compares Joshuah to a bitchy woman on her period. Ah, I'd forgotten how charming Matt can be with his Neanderthal epigrams. Joshuah plays them a DVD of Natalie winning that week's HoH, James winning PoV, and Josh getting evicted. He and Chelsia complain rather meanly about Natalie while Matt sits there silently, not defending her but clearly bothered. Too bad he's outnumbered by the bitchy woman and Chelsia. Oblivious, Joshuah wants to watch his exit speech again.

Back to Julie and the viewscreen, and she's letting the nominees make their case. Sharon gives her usual soft sell, about how if it's her time to go then it's her time to go. James says he can't change anyone's vote, but he came in broke and homeless and now has a great girlfriend and friends for life. So, he sees it as a net positive.

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