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Bride of Zingbot

The Veto competition drawing is convened, and Jeff announces that there will be seven people playing for it this week, which is unusual. In addition to the HoH, the nominees, and the one person each of the three of them draws, Daniele will also be playing, as a result of the Veto Ticket she won last week, which I totally forgot about. Jeff draws Jordan, Porsche draws Adam, and Kalia draws Houseguest's Choice and picks Shelly, so that leaves only Rachel sitting out. She's pretty bitter about it, too.

It's time for Jordan to de-Humilitard, which she does in front of everyone. She's wearing clothes under it though, so no big. Still, it's the most excitement most of these people have had since they got their keys. [Note: And, by the looks of it, the most that Adam has ever had in his entire life -- RS.]

With the lights out in the HoH room, Jeff and Jordan use the monitor to watch Porsche follow Daniele around and make fun of them. And then get into a debate about the proper pronunciation of "mischievous." Actually, the most interesting part of this scene is that the night-vision camera picks up the signal from the TV remote. It looks like a flashing light. Neato.

Daniele and Kalia are trying to stay optimistic about the upcoming Veto competition. Daniele is feeling the pressure to win it and not only save one of her allies, but prevent her own backdooring. Good plan.

Aw, yeah, look who's here. The only character I'm ever happy to see return to the house: Zingbot 3000! The whole house gathers around to hear what he has to say. "Zing me!" Rachel begs. Pause. "Or don't," she says. Zingbot, whose high-pitched, oddly cadenced voice is probably prerecorded anyway, starts with Jeff: "1995 called! The want their soul patch back! Zing!" Then he asks Porsche, "Shouldn't you be named after a car with a...roomier...trunk?" Zing! Rachel's next, as the Zingbot accuses her of using the f-word too much: "Fiancé! Fiancé! Zing!!!" "No Zingbot gets between me and my man," Rachel plays along in the DR. Then Zingbot asks Daniele, "Do you own a car, or do you sill prefer to just ride your daddy's coattails?" Everyone thinks that's going a little far. As for Adam, Zingbot says it was a good call to shave his beard. "I don't think your girlfriend realized she was dating Uncle Fester!" Shelly gets asked, "What do you call someone who likes to smoke, hunt, and fish? A duuuuuude!" The Zingbot brought his A material, didn't it? But then it doesn't have much on Kalia, other than to point out that although she writes a sex blog, she's more of an expert on what comes after sex: sleeping. Finally it's Jordan's turn, as the Zingbot says that the only reason Jeff hasn't proposed is because "he knows you're terrible at answering questions! Zzzzing!" Jordan, in the DR: "Wait, what?" Actually, that could have been in response to anything. Then the Zingbot leads them in lab coats out to the backyard, which has been set up as a kind of cheap-ass science lab. Rachel DRs that it makes her miss Brendon (her fiancé), and Daniele DRs that Rachel would love to play in this competition because she thinks she's a scientist, "But unless scientist serve Mai Tais, I'm pretty sure she's a waitress. Zing!" Oh, everyone's getting into it now.

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