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Bride of Zingbot

The Zingbot hands Rachel a paper to read. She obligingly explains that the Zingbot has waited three thousand years for a bride, so the houseguests will be racing to build fembots. Each of them gets a square frame and a set of puzzle-like armor plates to attach to it. The first person to get the arms and head on as well will win the PoV. Zingbot says, "My dearest love, I anxiously await your completion but with these houseguests, I may be waiting a while! ZinggggGG!"

Kalia says she's fighting for the Veto for herself. Daniele says she doesn't trust Jeff, and wants to save Kalia. Jeff wants to be able to keep control. The Zingbot, who's too awesome to care about any of these idiots, trills, "Ready, set, go!"

The competition begins, and the players start trying to figure out how to hang the pieces on the pegs. Adam DRs that he doesn't want to win, as if there was any danger of that. Kalia DRs that all the pieces look the same. Shelly also doesn't want to win the Veto, because then she'd have to not only pick a side but publicly act on it. It's a little tricky to throw this one, considering there are partitions separating them and they can't se each other's progress. The houseguests also DR some zingers of their own, most of which aren't worth repeating, except for how Kalia should do well putting together a romantic robot: "All her dates come with a charger. Zing!" That wasn't bad. I wonder who wrote it for him? Jordan just zings herself. There's a lot of present-tense narrating of the challenge in the DR like they do, and finally it looks like Jeff is going to win it; he's the first to attach his fembot's arms and head, so he wins the competition and the Veto. Zingbot thanks him and gives him the PoV medal. "Now all the power in the house this week is mine," Jeff DRs. Both Kalia and Porsche can only hope to convince Jeff to keep them, and Daniele hopes Jeff will stick with their deal. Jeff just DRs that he has a big decision to make.

Kalia goes to Shelly to complain about her situation. Shelly wants this week's loser alliance to know that she's on their side, even though she's actually on Jeff and Jordan's side. Kalia is worried about being voted out as a stronger person than Porsche, but even worse would be to find herself on the block against Daniele. Shelly offers to go talk to Jeff, which Kalia thinks won't work, because she underestimates Shelly's sucking-up capabilities.

Shelly does join Jeff and Adam to quiz the former about what he plans to do. Jeff isn't saying one way or the other, because he hasn't made up his mind yet. Shelly informs Jeff that Kalia's freaking out now that she thinks she's the target. "She thought she wasn't?" Jeff smirks.

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