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The next day (I think), Nicole makes a nice dinner for the entire house. Everyone gathers in the kitchen, except Hardy, who's finishing up his workout in the yard. Someone asks Bunky to say grace, which he does -- tearfully, of course. And Shannon starts snickering! During the prayer! Has she no shame? Will's sort of grinning, and Mike's clearly biting his tongue. Shannon is full-on laughing. Krista looks fairly amused, herself. Bunky finishes up and look at them balefully. "You all was laughing," Monica angrily snaps. "You were snickering." She's pissed. Will says that Mike was the one doing the laughing. Mike cheerfully says that he thought Bunky was kidding, with the tears! "I don't kid when I pray," Bunky solemnly says. Mike laughingly apologizes. Monica looks ready to tear someone a new one, and Will steps in and thanks Nicole for making dinner. Wow, I hate Will the least of Chill Town right now. Who would have thunk it? So, Will starts dishing out the salad. Someone reminds him not to forget to serve Hardy. Shannon snips that she doesn't know if Hardy ever showed the same consideration for someone in the group, if such a someone wasn't at the table. Kent speaks for the universe and asks her to drop it so that they can have a nice dinner for once. Shannon chirps that she doesn't see him "giving it a break," and accuses him of being loud and obnoxious while other people are trying to sleep. Everyone else, seriously, is like, dude, shut up.

Weekly Tuesday Meeting. Can I just tell you about the ulcer I would have if I lived in this house? Anyway, Hardy announces that this meeting is the appropriate forum in which to discuss "interpersonal issues." And the shit hits the fan. Krista and Monica say something about wanting people to talk smack to their faces rather than behind their backs, and then, finally, Kent asks Shannon what happened with the toothbrush. She claims that everyone already knows the story, and repeats that she already bought Hardy a new brush, like that excuses her juvenile prank. Hardy pipes up that he'd like to know the truth, too. Shannon isn't going to come clean. She says that she's already gotten everything out in the open. She's taken care of everything with everyone. "So, you breaking my toothbrush was you going to me personally? You felt it necessary to destroy my personal property?" Hardy asks coolly. "No, I bought you a new one," Shannon says in that snotty, snotty tone. "That's not the fucking point," Hardy snipes. "Oh well. Too bad, so sad," Shannon says infuriatingly, and then refers to Hardy's so-called "fourth-grade games," and then she brings up the "yellow thing" again! Again! Man, Shannon makes Jerri Manthey look like a saint. "But I understand that you're not smart enough to play that game, and that's how you have to play," Shannon concludes. "If I'm not smart enough to play the game, why are you sitting where you're sitting, and I'm sitting where I'm sitting?" Hardy wonders. "Bitch," he thinks. Shannon has no response to this other than to point out that she's leaving the house, anyway. Kent would still like to know whether the toothbrush thing was intentional. "Of course it was intentional," Hardy says. "Of course it was intentional, what are you, stupid? Oh, yeah, you are," Shannon says. Finally, Hardy puts the bloodbath to a stop. Or tries to. Shannon is still yammering. "So I've got all my votes, I'm leaving on Thursday, and you'll be dealt with at a later time," Shannon tells Hardy. "In the house, or outside of the house?" Hardy asks. Shannon doesn't care to clarify. Hardy again asks whether she's threatening to harm him outside of the house. Because, if she is, "trust me baby, you have no fucking clue who you're messing with." Maybe Hardy's in the mafia! We could only be so lucky. "Are you threatening me?" Shannon asks. Hardy is all, we can take it outside the house, bitch, if you want to play that game. Will is seriously hiding behind his floppy bucket hat throughout this entire exchange. Shannon finally backtracks and clarifies that she meant Hardy would be "taken care of" inside the house, within the confines of the game. Hardy is all, damn straight. "Okay, now, you called me a coward..." he begins, and Shannon starts to make fun of him. My. God. Could she be more hateful? Seriously? Because I don't think she could be. "Big strong man," she singsongs, "threatening a little girl. Ooh, the plot thickens." Yeah, she's just a weak little woman, a powerless little sociopathic alleged murderer. Kent gives Shannon the dirtiest of dirty looks as Hardy finally closes the meeting down.

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