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Interview time. Julie goes pretty easy on Shannon, but Shannon really has the charm amped up, all laughing and smiling and whatnot. The highlights of the interview? Shannon claiming that she wants everyone to be happy. Shannon's vaguely manly neck. Shannon sidestepping all of Julie's softball questions. Finally, Julie brings up Toothbrushgate. Shannon laughs and laughs and says she knows it was a childish prank. She was just reverting to the sort of pranks she used to pull back in military school, she says, and why am I not surprised that Shannon ended up in military school at some point? Finally, she excuses her behavior by blaming it all on intense boredom. She swears to Julie that she never would have allowed Hardy to brush his teeth with the sullied brush.

Next, Julie shows Shannon the votes. Kent says that Shannon is "not a very nice person." Bunky admits that he's scared to live in the house with Shannon, because she can make his life a living hell. Nicole and Monica both say they're voting to evict Shannon because she asked them to do so. Nicole sniffles that she really appreciates all the help Shannon gave her while working out, and wishes her all the luck in the world. At this, Shannon starts to tear up. Finally, Julie shows Shannon Will's recorded message to her: Will tells Shannon that she's better than he is in every way. He misses her, he thinks the world of her, he's in love with her. "Your eviction will be avenged with great wrath! Count on it!" he says. Okay, that was sort of funny. Appropriately, at this point Julie questions Shannon about the status of her relationship with Will and asks her why she's never reciprocated any of Will's "I love you"s. Shannon blathers some stuff that basically translates to her not actually being sure whether she loves Will. As for Jim, she has no idea what's going on there. Clearly, Jim knows what's going on, because he hasn't come to pick her up. Instead, her parents tumble into the studio. Cue the requisite hugs and tears.

Finally, we get to the HoH competition, which, this week, is dubbed Higher or Lower. It involves a series of questions about things in the house (the number of burners on the stove, or slots in the toaster, for example). Julie gives the houseguests a numerical answer, and the houseguests either step up or down a series of steps to indicate if the actual answer is higher or lower than the one supplied by Julie. The challenge finally gets down to Mike, Kent and Nicole and I am suddenly very nervous. Nicole gets bounced off, and Kent and Mike go into the "sudden death" round, in which they once again go all Showcase Showdown Style, estimating how much money Big Brother spent on the groceries they won in the Balls Over the Wall challenge. Mike has obviously never even gone to the market, because he thinks that Big Brother only spent $187 dollars on shrimp and cake and asparagus for nine people. Kent's guess is far more reasonable, at $700. The actual amount is $1,248.34, which means that Kent is the new Head of Household, thank the sweet Lord.

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