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The answer to the first question is Ronnie. Jordan and Michele are the last to find their bananas, and then they have various difficulties climbing back up the oiled, smooth ramp to present their answers to Otev. Jordan was the last one up the ramp, so she's eliminated. She DRs that Jeff is going to be mad at her. This hour, what else is new?

In the second round, everyone gets it right again, but Natalie is the last, so she's out. She goes and pouts on the loser's bench next to Jordan about how she never wins anything. Funny, she didn't say that at the beginning of the season. In the third round, Jeff bypasses the climbing rope entirely, bounding up the ramp like the big showoff he's turning into. Kevin and Russell are the last to deliver their bananas, but since Kevin beats him by a hair, Russell has to face his "pet peeve" of losing. Now he's just hoping Michele will win the PoV. And, of course, failing that, that Jeff isn't actually going to do what he's been telegraphing he's going to do for days now.

That leaves Jeff, Michele and Kevin, with Jeff again up the ramp first, followed by Michele, so Kevin's out. Kevin joins the losers and prays for a win from Jeff, thinking that's his only chance of survival. Obviously, Russell's rooting for Michele. In the last round, Jeff starts messing with Michele's head, and ultimately wins it, giving himself the Veto, the power to decide what he's going to do with it, and the power to brag about it a lot in the DR.

Afterward, Kevin congratulates Jeff in the store room, and says he'd like to be taken off the block. Jeff says he might get his wish. After he leaves, Michele also congratulates Jeff, although she remembers to play it cool enough to say that it didn't matter which of the two of them won. Which of course is why Jeff employed psychological warfare.

Michele and Russell have a short, whispered conversation, saying they need to close the file on Natalie and Kevin, but Russell vows in the DR that if he gets nominated, "There will be hell in this house." You don't think Russell would lose his temper, do you?

Jordan reports to Jeff that she's been praying on it (thanks for making a contribution, Jordan), and it's time to break up Russell and Michele. All Jeff will say is that he has a couple of days to think about it. But Jeff! God said!

Jeff meets with Natalie and Kevin about the plan, and they both promise him that they won't put him up, which means Michele and Jordan will go up, not that Jeff is worried about that right now. Jeff thinks about it, unaware that Kevin and Natalie agree that they'll have to nominate Jeff the following week, whatever they said. But what happens when Jeff figures that out? Well, it'll be too late, so fuck it.

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