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Pouting into the middle distance with Michele, Russell is getting surly and pissy about what Jeff is doing, whether he nominates one of them or not. Russell warns Michele that if one of them goes up, he'll go off. "You thought Chima was bad?" Yes, but only because she was. What's Russell going to do to top Chima's exit? Get himself shot by security? That would certainly teach Jeff a lesson, wouldn't it?

Up in the HoH room, Jordan says she's going to give Jeff his "space," but then doesn't go. Jeff thinks she's acting weird, and assures her that she's not getting on his nerves, like he can tell she thinks she is. She acts like this is some major insight, and is deeply moved that he can peer into her innermost workings and understand what's going on in there. As though she's a Swiss watch or some mysterious puzzle instead of a puzzle that looks like this. And, of course, she still doesn't leave. Looks like they've made up. But then, when they turn off the lights, we can see their creepy glowing eyes in the night-vision cameras. That's how we know it's all better now.

It's time for the Veto ceremony. Kevin and Natalie are hopeful, but Russell is a big old stress-ball. He knows what's coming. Jeff calls the meeting and gives Natalie the first chance to speak in her own defense. Natalie says he should use the veto on her if he thinks she can get him closer to the half-million, but otherwise it's fine. When it's Kevin's turn, he promises to continue playing a straightforward game, but respects Jeff's decision either way. Jeff finally announces that he is using the veto, and taking Kevin off the block. Russell is doing a slow burn as Kevin accepts the Veto medal. Jeff nominates Russell as his replacement nominee, and "explains," "Couldn't get past the Jessie vote, and you and Michele were getting a little close... you were the stronger competitor in my eyes." So when does Russell go off? Because right now, he's just pursing his lips so hard he's turning into a bald Renee Zellweger.

Kevin sings happily in the DR. Jeff says he expects nothing but "fireworks" from Russell, Michele says she needs to distance herself from Russell (and while she's at it, she should look into what's up with Kevin and Natalie or else she'll only ever see the final four from the jury house). Russell just DRs, "Jeff, you're an idiot. You are as dumb as I thought you were. He now is the strongest player in the house and assumes that target? Congratulations, you're up next." That's it? What a letdown.

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