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Secrets and Allies

But Mike isn't done, so he and Frank go up to propose nominating Ashley and Joe from Janelle's team. Like Shane would be that obvious. Britney says they still want to put up one person from each of the two remaining undiminished teams, to prevent a renewal of the Mike/Janelle alliance after this week. Mike and Frank claim that won't happen, which Britney says in the DR she doesn't believe. While they're still debating, Shane is called to the DR for some reason. Better be good. Mike and Frank are dismissed, and Britney and Shane have a rushed, private conference in which Shane agrees with the idea of nominating two of Janelle's players, but Britney is still pushing Frank and Joe. The voice calling Shane to the DR is somehow getting more urgent even thought it's prerecorded, and Shane leaves a stressed-out Britney wondering what he's going to do. You know America's Vote on whether the coaches should give up coaching? I think maybe one of them already has.

So now it's Nomination Day. Frank DRs that he trusts Shane, but doesn't know if it's Shane or Britney making the decision, so he's still worried about being nominated. Wil DRs a fake phone call home, saying, "I'm here another week! You'd better feed the cat!" Joe bellows in the DR, "IF SHANE HAS ANY BRAIN AT ALL IN THAT JOCK HEAD OF HIS, HE WILL GO AFTER FRANK!" Shane himself says his big decision is whether to listen to his coach or stick to his word. Mike admits in the DR that he's a little concerned for his team, given Wil's immunity.

Finally, Shane calls the players in. In addition to Wil, the players who are safe this week are Jenn, Ian, Danielle, and Frank, leaving Joe and Ashley as the nominees. Shane makes the (rather lame) excuse that there's only one coach left who didn't know what it was like having any players on the block, and wanted to show Ashley and Joe how it feels to be up against a teammate, like he was last week. Yes, THANKS TO FRANK.

Ashley weepily says she doesn't trust anyone in the house. "I didn't think it would be this hard," she sobs. Did she just get de-hippied? Shane DRs that he's putting his faith in Frank and Mike (which is half of the stupidest thing I ever heard), and Janelle vows that she's going to fight to keep all her players. Frank DRs that he now knows he can trust Shane, and they'll have each other's backs for the rest of the game. Joe actually uses a normal voice to swear he'll get Shane out of the house if it's the last thing he does before leaving. I guess for Joe, that's what passes for quiet fury.

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