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Farewell messages. James says he had Josh's back all week, unlike some other people. Ryan says he did his best to save Joshuah, but that Joshuah damaged himself too much. Natalie calls him her "brother in Jesus Christ," causing Joshuah to mime shooting himself in the head. Sharon promises to avenge Joshuah. I'm so tired of this "revenge" bullshit. What's an HoH supposed to do, refuse to nominate anyone and walk out themselves? Julie gets ready to dismiss Joshuah, who says that she and James are the only ones in the house with backbones. Funny how that's only true of the people who were on his side. Anyway, he's off to the jury house.

Sharon, Ryan, Sheila, James, and Adam are lined up for an HoH quiz show called "Moreā€¦or Less," where they have to guess where there are more or less of a given number of certain things in the house -- lamps, trees, pillows, two-way mirrors, what have you. I'm just going to go on record saying that there are not nearly enough weapons. Sharon takes an early lead, but she blows the penultimate question, leading to a three-way tie between her, James, and Adam. The latter and last-placed Sheila are the only ones to get the last question right, so Adam is HoH again. It's not really looking like Joshuah is going to get his wish, is it?

Julie talks to the post-HoH houseguests in the living room. Adam feels good about getting to be HoH, and Sheila says she's glad about the "classy" way Joshuah exited the house. By which she means the speech, not the maneuvering to get his partner thrown out while she was crying in the bathroom.

And in the "let's eavesdrop" clip, almost everyone is still talking about Adam's victory, while Sharon stands apart and James pouts in a bedroom by himself, wondering how he's going to swing a fourth PoV in a row. Only six idiots left.

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