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Am I the first person to ever mention Dr. Will and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in the same paragraph? I'm pretty sure I probably am. Hard to believe.

Anyway. Everyone in the room becomes fascinated with a "spy screen" that lets the HoH room spy on various parts of the house. Alison indignantly points out in the diary room that she was always reduced to spying through regular old windows. For some reason, I find all this "I had to play Big Brother uphill both ways" talk sort of amusingly endearing. "These people are spoiled rotten!" Alison observes.

The next morning arrives, and silly music plays, for reasons that are sort of unclear, as Jase and Janelle have a talk. He implies to her that he's happy to join in on whatever her action is, nomination-wise. Not a bad possibility to broach, considering that he's got to figure she's got four people in her group, so you might as well see what the options are for tagging along. Janelle mentions Will, and Jase grins, saying that Will is "smooth" and "cannot be reckoned with." Janelle is unhappy with Mike for trying to knock her off the post. I guess she thinks he should have just...closed his eyes and swung? They both try to avoid throwing out names, until Janelle mentions that if they were to put up George, she thinks George would go. She immediately drops this, though, and she persists in trying to get Jase to give some ideas, telling him to start with who he doesn't want to nominate. He just stands pat.

Elsewhere, Danielle tells George and Alison that she's just had a thought. She needs to talk to them: "When something comes to me strategically, it's like -- come here, I'll tell you!" She drags them into a corner. Danielle now DRs that nobody had approached her, so she decided to "stir the pot." And she makes a frantic "stir the pot" motion, which is not as amusing as she thinks. Danielle, like many people, has read a little bit too much of her own press about what an evil genius she is. "What can you do to make people uneasy?" she DRs. Why would you want to make people uneasy if they're uneasy about you? That makes no sense! She is a nut. "You've got to cause doubt!" Not about yourself, idiot! How complicated is this? Jesus. Anyway, Danielle's brilliant comment to Alison and George is that if Jase and Janelle don't agree, then the two of them go up, and the rest of the house might have the votes to get rid of Janelle. Alison looks momentarily pleased. She counts votes, and she seems to think it has promise. Now, what's interesting in retrospect is that I'm not sure Danielle meant this as a suggestion rather than a caution. I don't know whether Danielle just assumed that Alison and George would like Janelle better than Jase, but I almost think she meant this as a warning that the rest of the house might take Janelle out.

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