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Jase says in the DR that on the one hand, he thinks that Alison is on the up and up about breaking up the S6 group. But on the other hand, the idea of leaving himself on the block on purpose seems kind of risky. No shit, dude. He decides that the safest thing for him to do is go to Janelle before she hears about it from someone else. As it happens, George, Alison, and Jase wind up approaching the HoH room as James is inside warning Janelle about the possibility of her winding up on the block if Jase refuses to agree. When he sees that this meeting is ongoing, Jase basically blows off Alison and George and goes inside to talk to James, Kaysar, and Janelle. Janelle earns my enmity by declaring in the DR that she is "very offended" that anyone is trying to get her out. Her! Janelle! America's Sweetheart! How dare they! What is she thinking, that it's a competition or something?

Jase tells us that he's "infiltrated" (heh) the group from S6, and that he's basically trying to play both sides a little bit. Always a risky strategy, dude. Wait, how did I wind up halfway rooting for Jase, of all people? Mercy. Anyway, James interviews that Jase has freely asked to join up with S6, and then James adds that he trusts Jase more than Kaysar or Janelle. Jase...tells us that he isn't at all trying to be in with them. He's just trying to make them think that. And now James is pushing hard in his meeting with Kaysar, Jase, and Janelle that although he likes Danielle, he did not like the bit where she went off on this Disagreement Plan at all. If, in fact, Danielle was actually thinking at the beginning that she was protecting Janelle, then it has backfired hysterically, because Janelle's next DR involves the statement, "If Danielle's going to come after me, I'm going to go after her." Good one, there, Danielle. Way to make it all coherent.

After the commercials, we return to find a screen that reads, "Nominations Today." Alison has a seat with Jase in the hammock, and she runs down the plan, which is that she, Mike, Will, Nakomis, and George are all totally dedicated to getting out the S6. So with Jase, that would make...five votes. In a house of fourteen, where there will presumably be twelve votes if Jase and Janelle go up. The hell? So that means that Alison didn't get support -- or didn't seek it -- from Diane, Erika, Marcellas, or Danielle. Interesting. Anyway, she brings her I-have-five-votes plan to Jase. Alison presses Jase about the possibility of disagreeing, although she acknowledges that she'd be very hesitant to do it if she were in his position. Jase tells her that his most trusted people are her, Diane, and Nakomis, and that Will and Mike he would pick up just for the hell of it, just for the time being. "I'm not going to put up you, for sure," Jase tells Alison.

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