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And now, nominations. Will tells us that he thinks that as a previous winner, he's destined to be nominated, and anyone who doesn't nominate him is "an idiot." Mike doesn't anticipate being nominated. Danielle hopes that Janelle and Jase went with not agreeing, because it would mean she won't be up, at least. Janelle and Jase emerge with the big key box. Janelle says that they'll do it the normal way, and the first key Jase pulls is Marcellas. Marcellas pulls the key of Erika. Erika pulls Nakomis. Nakomis pulls Diane. Diane pulls James. James pulls George. George pulls Kaysar. Kaysar pulls Mike. Mike pulls Howie. And Howie pulls...Will, and that's it. So the nominees are Danielle and Alison. The two schemers. Two who chose to draw attention to themselves. I have to say, at least Alison had a plan and she tried to execute it. So that's it for the ceremony.

Danielle acknowledges that she got bitten by her own stupidity. Janelle bitches that Danielle "overplayed her cards a bit," going so far as to pot-kettle that Danielle is used to having a whole bunch of people behind her. Considering she's famous for a two-person alliance and you're famous for a six-person alliance, you're not making yourself sound too smart, there, Janelle. For his part, Jase says that everybody had this great plan, but in the end, the stupidest thing you can do is let yourself go up on purpose. And: seriously. I kind of wanted him to go along with it, because I already find the entire S6 group insufferable, but you have to be sane, and it's not sane to be on the block for no reason. Alison: "America might like Janelle -- I hate her. I'm probably going to pull her out by her fake hair and her fake boobs and drown her in the pool." Hee. I mean...officially, according to canon, you can't side with Alison against Janelle, but: hee. Fame and public adoration wears a lot better on some people than on other people, Ethan Zohn and Stephenie LaGrossa, and I fear that it has not had a good effect on the relentlessly canonized Janelle and Kaysar. I can't stand either of them already, which will make for a nice season of spluttering hate mail. I can't wait!

Oh, and Will is really put out not to be nominated. Because he has, in fact, changed...very little. And isn't that what an All-Star season is all about?

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