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Slip Slidin' to HoH

Mike mentions that he was a regional speed skating champion in 1986. "Holla! None of you were born yet." Which is exactly why Mike shouldn't be saying "Holla" to them. Joe was, of course, but he's way ahead of Mike on that. Shane and Mike each take a hard fall, and then so does Dan, a breath after making an inspirational coach's speech. Mike fishes his cork out of his $10,000 jug, bringing his total for the year to $16,000 and leaving Frank less than thrilled about the increased likelihood that he'll be nominated again this week. Dan is for once putting his all into winning HoH, passing Ian and closing in on Danielle and Shane, who is slowing down. It's rather amazing to see; usually Dan's trying to lose on purpose. Or at least that's what he tells us in the DR.

After the ads, the rankings for the HoH race are Shane, Danielle, and Dan. Joe seems to be taking the lead in falling, though. Dan's doing cartoon-runs back up to the top of his lane every time, refusing to admit defeat. But Shane's lead is too great, and he wins HoH for the week. Almost everyone seems happy about this: Shane for obvious reasons, Frank because he figures the Silent Six will keep him safe for another week, Ian because the Quack Pack will do the same for him, and Britney because it may be time to ditch the Silent Six. Jenn says something in the DR about it being a bad day for her, but nobody cares.

Later, Shane invites everyone to come up and see his HoH room, assuring everyone that he won't be disappointed if anyone gives it a miss. Frank and Jenn are asleep, so I hope for their sake he means that. Shane's biggest perks are a picture of his dog and a letter from home, which is not far from Mike's spawning-place in New England. "It's like Shane and I are family. At least while he's HoH," Mike smirks in the DR. Jenn with her sore ass makes a belated ascent to the HoH room, but is kindly excused by Shane. Jenn DRs about the problems she's dealing with right now, chief among them being that she has no idea what's going on. Yes, Jenn, we've noticed that about you.

Ian takes Britney aside to talk to her about a conversation he had with Mike just before the live show. We flash back to Thursday, "2 HRS BEFORE LIVE SHOW," in which Mike and Ian were changing clothes and Mike asked Ian who he was going to put up if he won, suggesting Britney or Shane. Ian played it close to his lame homemade superhero costume at the time, but now, after the competition, he quietly brings Britney into the loop. They decide that Shane will need to nominate Frank and Mike this week. Then they head up to the HoH room, where Danielle and Dan are hanging with Shane, which gives them a Quack Quorum. Britney tells Shane that he's going to have to both Frank and Mike and get rid of one of them, even as Shane whines about the risk of the one who stays winning HoH next week and coming after him. Britney argues that they need to have the first strike, and Ian backs her up. Dan and Danielle agree that this is the time for Shane to make a move, so the four of them will have Shane's back. The Quack Pack is decided.

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