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So now it's Nomination Day. Shane gives the usual VO about "one of my duties as Head of Household," like the HoH has any others. Jenn VOs that she's worried about getting picked off. She'd have to be something other than a nonentity for that to happen. Ian is confident that he'll be safe, being in the Quack Pack with Shane and all. But so is Mike, being in the Silent Six with Shane and all. Britney's hoping Shane will make a move, and Shane VOs about his indecision. When the nomination ceremony begins, Britney gets her key first, having won Safety in the HoH competition. Also safe are Danielle, Dan, Jenn, Ashley, Joe (which is when Mike finally realizes what's up), and Ian.

So it's Frank and Mike on the block. Shane gives a nonsensical speech, while Mike smirks and then goes to the DR to mock the speech. I hate having to agree with Mike. Britney DRs that they ended the alliance, and Frank is heartbroken at this. Shane says he had to move while the numbers were in place, and Ian talks about how excited he is that Mike and Frank never saw this coming. "And I sure hope they never will." I don't know, they might hear about it some time in September. I know it seems like the season will never end, but somehow they always do.

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