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Erika and Will are relaxing in the HoH room. He tells her that he feels sorry for Janelle, and he says that while Janelle and Danielle are both after him, at least Janelle is doing it herself, while Danielle is trying to get other people to do everything for her. Erika cuddles her big pink teddy bear, because it's a sign of being infantilized, and who wouldn't embrace that? Will says that he'd ideally like to get rid of Danielle before Janelle. He DRs that he raised with Erika the possibility of getting rid of Danielle. Will tells Erika that the thing about Danielle is that she will ultimately do whatever it takes to win the money for her family, including turning up the emotions as needed. Erika agrees. "It's why she's so shady," Will says. Erika thinks that Danielle is mostly a "straight shooter," but Will says she engages in "wordplay," so that she can later claim not to have said whatever it is you're trying to hold her to. I think that's largely true, actually -- Danielle is certainly one to parse her own words. Finally, Will remembers to make what's actually his best argument: "If Danielle makes it in the final two, she's going to win this." That, Erika says, she does know. She is officially very conflicted over what to do.

Later, we see "Nominations Today" on the screen. Janelle says that she anticipates being nominated, snotting about how everyone's been trying to get her out for weeks. Not true, of course. If everyone had actually been trying to get her out, they wouldn't have know, bringing her along and throwing competitions to her. Will just says that he's hoping to "dodge another bullet," and adds that he hopes Mike's romantic adventures upstairs in the HoH room might have kept him from being nominated. Mike says that he's definitely not going up: "She is falling in love with me, and I definitely have her right where I want her." Gross. GROSS. Not acceptable, you fucking piece of slime. As stated previously, "it's just a game" cuts both ways, dink. Erika ponders her nominations upstairs as she sits in front of the great big box. You'd think they could have switched to something smaller, since it looks like Erika can barely carry this thing. Danielle says Erika told her she was safe, and she thinks that Erika has "blonde fish" and a "fish that has a PhD" to fry ahead of her. Dear Danielle: I don't think Will has a PhD. George tells us that he's in lots of alliances, but they never invite him to the meetings. I find this oddly adorable. He's like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Houseguest. Or he's the equipment manager of every alliance he's in: "I'll just get the water bottles and the balls, okay you guys? Hey, guys?" We return to Erika, who says that one of the two people you nominate might be leaving, and it ends their "dream of winning the money." Erika needs to earn how to suppress her conscience. It's sad, but it's true. She also needs to learn a lot about disinfectant.

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