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When we return from a set of commercials, we are watching Will sleep, and the dream sequence that has been invented for us suggests that he is recalling many, many circumstances in which he has talked in the house about how much he loves Neil Patrick Harris and How I Met Your Mother. Dreamy Dr. Will, it seems, thinks Neil Patrick Harris is dreamy. And then it's Christmas morning, and guess who's bringing an armload of presents? Neil Patrick Harris! Who knew? NPH tells us in the diary room that he's a big fan of the show, and he was all excited about getting to visit the house. I know he's an Amazing Race nerd, so I kind of believe that might be true.

We watch as NPH sneaks in wearing his Santa hat, and he starts to turn on lights and wake people up. Will is really excited. He's also half asleep, so he gets out of bed and does his best "Hey man, what's going on?" half-hugging thing for guys who idolize other guys. NPH announces that he's there to play Santa. NPH also gives big hugs to Janelle and George. Will, in the DR: "I was lying in bed, and, as usual, I was having a dream about hanging out with Neil Patrick Harris. And it was no longer a dream! I was really hanging out with Neil Patrick Harris!" Of all the things I thought might render Will speechless, I never came up with Doogie Howser. When everyone is awake and making breakfast, Will tells NPH how much he loves his show. Which is right here on CBS, Monday nights. Don't change the channel. Janelle tells us that "all [Will] ever wanted for Christmas was Neil Patrick Harris."

Back in the house, NPH talks about how he feels like he won a contest to be here, so Will talks into his lapel about how they need security, because NPH is becoming "a stalker." NPH asks them all how many days there are left, and they all say "24," as if they know this to be true. isn't, if you know that the finale is scheduled for September 12, which we do. So that's an interesting form of disorientation. NPH is such a good sport that he even tries the slop, which he immediately brands "all kinds of nasty." Will tells NPH that it's a huge deal to them just to see another human being after sixty days of seeing nothing but each other. George tells us that NPH was a "great gift" for Will, and then George finds himself dragged into the supply room, where he gets to put on a big Santa suit. Everyone finds this utterly delightful, certainly more pleasant than the green unitard, and then they all adjourn to the yard to collect their gifts from under the not-very-seasonal Christmas tree. Hope you're all Christians!

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