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NPH says in the DR that the houseguests got some clothes, and he says they really need them, because, as he puts it: "If I see Mike Boogie wear a Dolce shirt one more time on the show...I mean, come on." I think they probably fed him that line, but: ha ha ha, anyway. NPH brands George "simple" and says Janelle has "radiance." Whatever. Then, NPH joins Mike and Will for a trampoline session. "It's Chill Town and Neil Patrick Harris!" Will yells as they jump. Neil does a full somersault, which impresses the shit out of Will, you can tell. Danielle DRs that this whole thing was great, and it was one of the best times she's had in the house all summer. No Sheryl Crow concert, of course. But then it's time for NPH to go. Will can hardly believe he got so lucky and excitedly asks, "What's next -- I'm going to win the show?"

Now, during a casual discussion in the gym, George mentions that he was struck by lightning when he was much younger. He was knocked out. Mike asks, in a way that's actually funny, "George, are you saying you've been struck by lightning?" Will says in the DR: "Isn't that the kind of story that you would want to mention when you first meet someone? Like, that's kind of a life-altering event. And it also explains his...unique behavior." George continues telling the story, and says that while they told him there might be "side effects," "nothing was ever wrong with [him]." And then the editors cut to pictures of him dressed all in foil, dressed like a get the idea. I guarantee you that there was an outbreak of joy in the editing department when they discovered that George had once been hit by lightning but had no "side effects." They drew straws to see who got to put that part of the show together. "How have we been here sixty days and you haven't told this story yet?" Mike asks. "Being struck by lightning?" George says that it was a long time ago, after all. Will deadpans, "Important question: Did you have any superpowers afterwards?" George answers, interestingly straightforwardly, that he didn't, and that they'd know about it if he had superpowers. I think George may have thought that was a real question. Oh, George. Mike wraps up the sentence with a lame joke in the DR about George not winning the game because he's already been struck by lightning. Mike is so stupid. He ruins everything.

Later, Will and Janelle chat. He DRs that ideally, he'd love to get rid of Danielle, and the best way to do that is to let Janelle win PoV. He and Janelle agree that she'll try to win veto, and he'll try to get Mike to get Erika to put up Danielle. "That'd be so awesome!" Janelle squeals, and then Will wants to leave the room, and Janelle tries to get him to stay, insisting she has nobody else to talk to. Kind of sad, that.

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