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HoH, later. Will and Mike talk. Will says that they need to get Danielle out, and he repeats that in the DR. He also says he'd like to win PoV himself, so that there's no chance he'll go up when Janelle comes off. Later, as Mike and Erika snuggle in the HoH bed, they talk a few minutes of strategy. Erika says that this week, it should be Janelle, and then next week, Will or Mike should win HoH and put up Danielle. Mike breaks the news that he agrees about the next two to go, but he says that she needs to be prepared to take out Danielle this week if necessary. Even in night vision, you can almost see Erika flinch. Mike tells her that Danielle will beat anyone in F2, so they can't keep her around. Erika can hardly believe he wants her to put up Danielle after the PoV. She repeats "If I find out that you're really just playing me, I'm gonna kick your ass." Mike asks her why she's said this on two consecutive nights. She just laughs. Man. Get kissed by Mike Boogie once, shame on Mike Boogie. Get kissed by Mike Boogie twice, SHAME ON YOU.

The next day, Erika drags everyone in for the veto competition. Everybody plays. This is one that everyone has to go to separate rooms and wait to compete in separately. Mike goes out first. He tells us that he wants Janelle to win. The worst thing from his perspective would be Danielle winning. Mike reads the explanation, but this one is pretty simple. There's a screen where they will flash little segments of photos of faces, and each time, there will be two people with their face parts being shown. You run over and push the buttons for the two former houseguests whose faces you think are being shown, and then you push another button to see if you're right. First person to complete all the rounds will win. There is a total of five rounds.

Mike takes his shot. He starts off strong, and then he slows down and stands around, stretching and yawning and letting his time run up, because he doesn't want to "make Erika angry." He finally finishes. Erika goes next, and she does appear to be trying to win it. Next: Will. He says that he "absolutely wanted to win," but he struggles with at least one of the pairs. George goes out next, and it's a disaster. It's a bloodbath! Snails are completing the task faster than George. And then we have Janelle, who of course runs around like the stupid-competition-champion that she is. She also appears to be holding onto her pants, which are threatening to fall down. Danielle goes next, and she says that she feels safe and doesn't feel like she needs the win, but she'd love to get it, because she could maybe take Janelle off and have Will put up. She looks like she does well.

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