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Erika and Danielle talk in the supply room. Danielle asks again whether Erika is putting her up, and Erika says again that she isn't. Erika does say that she has to think, though, and she leaves. That is not good news, Danielle. Did we mention about the red flags?

Next, Erika and Janelle talk in the HoH room. Erika says that she isn't sure what to do, and she wants Janelle's thoughts. Janelle says "all three of them need to go," presumably meaning Will and Mike as well as Danielle. Erika says she doesn't think that she'd beat Danielle in the finals. Janelle says no one can. "And the guys kind of suck," she adds. Janelle goes on to say that Will is "as bad as Chicken George," presumably as a competitor, which is what Janelle thinks is most important, unsurprisingly. Basically, the two of them tentatively agree that they'll work together later to take out Will and Mike. I wish. I mean, I think at this point, I wish so much about Mike, and I dislike the fact that Will is encouraging him, that Will's amusement factor is no long enough for me to not wish about him as well.

When Janelle is gone, Erika calls Mike upstairs. She explains to him that she got reflections from Janelle, and that everyone knows Danielle is the biggest threat. Mike says that Danielle and Janelle are "the frontrunners." Erika still wants to know what they're doing about Will. Erika, in a rare moment of clarity, says that she's afraid she's going to "be the Diane" of the season by letting Mike and Will stay there together. Mike tells her that there's not a great option for them at this point -- leaving Danielle there and leaving Will there both have drawbacks. Erika clutches her bear, and Mike successfully gets her giggling about how everyone's telling her that it's time to cut Danielle loose, and she needs to notice that maybe it is, in fact, time. "The color pictures are dwindling," he says. When you see how she's tee-heeing into the bear, you know it's over for her and Danielle is going up. Mike seals the deal with a smooch. Nasty.

Back from another set of commercials, Erika is sitting by the pool when Danielle comes over to talk to her. "Erika, what's wrong?" she asks. Erika begins to talk sadly about how there comes a time in the game where you do things you don't want to do, and Danielle immediately senses how bad this is. "Are you putting me up?" she asks in disbelief. Erika says that she can't beat Danielle at the end, and she hopes Danielle understands that she has to take that into account. She starts to cry. "Okay," Danielle says. "That's fine." It's safe to say that this is not fine.

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